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  1. lugipfupf

    Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    What about advisory lights? Maybe in combination with custom sceneries?
  2. lugipfupf

    Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    Thanks Mario Data sending was already switched off. Although the weather matches whats going on outside when set to real world weather, I've now configured it manually. Crash still occurs. I have also disabled all Ortho4XP Sceneries, but left the Aerosoft scenery for Zurich airport (LSZH) in place. With these settings, X Plane does not crash when located in Zurich (tried and restarted X Plane 5 times). When situated in Bern/Belp (LSZB), for which I have a custom scenery that I downloaded from the X Plane forum, X Plane crashes as well. It seems to work on most built-in airtports I have tried so far (Munich EDDM, Marsa Alam HEMA, Heathrow EGLL). So it seems to have something to do with sceneries. However, I have to revise my statement I made earlier about engine startup. That one time where it worked after playing around with ice protection seems to have been a coincidence. Still can't get the engines to start most of the time, no matter what I do (well, mostly following the check list and then some other things). Am I the only one experiencing this behaviour? cheers Lugi
  3. lugipfupf

    Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    I guess there is no crash at the end of the log file because X Plane crashes entirely before it could write anything more into the log file. After disabling X Life, there is now a crash report window popping up, which I filled out and sent, including a link to this thread. With X Life disabled, it works about every other time. It is noteworthy that, according to the log, it tries to download a grib file (weather info?) which fails with a 404. Then, there is also a failing connect to Google Analytics. Google Analytics, among many other tracking networks, is blocked in my network and will always fail. Thanks so far and cheers Lugi Log_adv_light_crash_reporter_popup_no_x-life.txt Log_adv_lights_working_no_x-life.txt
  4. lugipfupf

    Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    Here's an update: - Xplane crash: After updating the nvidia drivers from 388 to 391.01 and restarting the computer, it worked once. Unfortunately I forgot to backup the log file ;-) anyway, on the second try it crashed again. Restaring the computer once more did not help. So, the problem persists. - Engine start-up: I did miss something, indeed. It seems to have something to do with ice protection. Although I set the weather to clear skies and 20°C, it didn't work at first. But now with real weather conditions (light rain, 7°C) and playing around with ice protection, I managed to turn on the engines. Looking forward for my first flight with the Dash 8. Just don't forget to not check the advisory lights ;-) cheers Lugi
  5. lugipfupf

    Dash 8 Q400 Issues in X Plane 11

    Here's the log file just after the crash. I noticed the crash does not happen when clicking the switch with battery master off. Using X Plane 11 on Windows 10.0.16299.248 The warning inside the log about some hardware not being calibrated correctly comes from an older steering wheel i bought for the PlayStation 2. I'm only using the pedals that are attached to it, which work as expected. thanks and cheers Lugi Log.txt
  6. Hi everyone I recently purchased the Dash 8 2.1703.1050 from Aerosoft and am having issues getting it to work properly: - Clicking "Caution/Advisory Lights" crashes X-Plane - Engine startup: following the procedures in the manual (omitting the Caution/Advisory Lights), after setting both ignitions to "norm", selecting an engine and hitting the start button, the ITT goes up to about 580° and NH to about 16 RPM. Both then stall and nothing more happens. Am I missing something? Starting with engines running works fine. thanks and cheers, lugi