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  1. Thanks very much Mathijs for your answer, I understand what you mean, but as you can well imagine, I am not interested (it is certainly fascinating) neither how to open the cabin door and take my coffee, nor to find myself in emergency situations that cannot be have never occurred in any Airbus (which is perhaps more instructive than knowing how to open the door for coffee). I spend the hours on the simulator to learn in-depth systems, procedures, MCDU, FMGC, learn to read data on everyone displays, try Vor DME, RNAV, RNP procedures. Thanks to Aerosoft I dis
  2. Hi everyone, can anyone give me a more technical answer, I thanked Mathijs Kok but I must say that his response was very quick and certainly not worthy of a forum administrator. I, as a customer asked a technical forum and the answer is was the answer given to a child. I went from FSX to P3DV4.5 and therefore I wanted to change from Airbus A320 / 321 to Airbus Professional (or FSLabs which were much more technical in response). If I have to go buy FSLabs Airbus ok, tell me and I'm going to Aerosoft, but it is right that I have a precise answer to be able to decide which Airbu
  3. Hi everyone, I don't know if it is the right place to ask, but I would like to know: There is a difference in terms of algorithms, precision of the autopilot maneuvers in conjunction with EFIS and FMGC, aerodynamic complexity of the model and response to pilot inputs , between: Aerosoft A320 / A321 professional (P3D V4) and Airbus A320 / A321 (FSX / FSX-SE) ? so, in the accurancy in general? Thanks
  4. Thanks very much, but i intend switch to prepare 3d not for traffic but because FSX it's just an older product, i have immaginate an advise from you.
  5. Thank you Mopperle for your response on sunday, ok i turn off crash in FSX, but for AI_Traffic what it's possible to do? All it's settings as manual and in FSX the traffic it's settings high. thanks P.S. do you advise me to switch to prepare 3D or something else?
  6. The Hobbit: the desolation of smaug AI_Traffic:the desolation of Madeira the vehicles many times invade the yellow taxiway and come upon you (and crash again)
  7. Thank you Mopperle, images attached for the three points above.
  8. ok, nessuno mi caga! 🙂 Forse volete più dettagli? o forse esiste già un post a riguardo e non sono riuscito a trovarlo? Comunque per i dettagli: A parte Aerosoft Madeira X e Aerosoft Airbus 320/321 non uso altri add-on su FSX-SE , niente mesh, niente fs global ecc... niente ai traffic di terze parti. Sapreste aiutarmi? grazie
  9. ok, nobody will pay me attention! Maybe you want more details? or maybe there is already a post about it and I could not find it? however for details: apart from aerosoft Madeira X and Aerosoft Airbus 320/321 I do not use other add-ons on FSX-SE, no mesh, no fs global etc ... nothing to third-party traffic. Can you help me? thanks
  10. Hi guys, I have problems with the scenario in question (obviously spectacular, beautiful, a challenge for the pilots etc ....) but: 1. on the pushback the truck crashes with the nose of the plane, 2. the vehicles many times invade the yellow taxiway and come upon you (and crash again), 3. the traffic in offline mode is practically absent (the desolation) despite the checks on the madeira configuration and the traffic set to high on the FSX settings does anyone have any idea?
  11. Ragazzi ciao, ho dei problemi con lo scenario in questione (ovviamente spettacolare, bellissimo, una sfida per i piloti ecc....) pero: 1. sul pushback la camionetta fa crash col muso dell'areo, 2. i mezzi molte volte invadono la linea gialla di rullagio e ti vengono addosso (e crash di nuovo), 3. il traffico in modalità offline è praticamente assente(la desolazione) nonostante i check sulla configurazione di madeira e il traffico impostato ad high sulle setting di FSX qualcuno ha idea? grazie
  12. ok, solved, it was the framerate. If it drops below 8 fps, airbus FMS go down and the plane does not take altitude, course, speed and crash. Above 8fps everything is fine. P.S. My pc is little bit old. Soon as possible i change it.
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