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  1. Many thanks, I use the same aircraft parameters, and you are right, taking a longer leg then I also get the change in the flight level. Is that a bug? We can easily descend 1,000 ft in 31 NM. Then descend again to FL220 to fly along B46. Best regards, Juan
  2. Something is wrong with my SAAB 340B profile... Could you please send me a screenshot of your aircraft parameters to compare? Thanks, Juan
  3. Thanks Stephen. If I enter the data as in your screenshot, I still get the same issue, no change of level. If I set VJF at FL240, then MAR at FL230 and UNTOS at FL220, then I get the right flight plan with all the changes. But I was expecting that PFPX would be smarter and could detect and manage these flight level changes. I have to say that I fly a SAAB 340B and these flights are so short that I don't use step climbs. I guess that PFPX is getting the correct information from the AIRAC as I suspect the CT field is marking the A44 airway as a different type in the Cruise Table (not sure about the SO and SA meaning though). Regards, Juan
  4. Thanks, Emanuel. My AIRAC is supposed to be up to date (NG1811). I had a look at the RAD restrictions in Eurocontrol and I couldn't find anything related to this route. I also assumed that PFPX is getting them automatically with the Navigraph AIRAC package, is that not the case? Juan
  5. Thanks for your answer, DaveCT2003. In Spain we also use the East-West method if the levels are not published in the AIP. This is not the case, as you can see in the screenshot this leg has an odd level from MAR to MGA. Juan
  6. Hello, I am planning a flight from LXGB to LEAL and I got the following route in PFPX using the lower airspace: N0273F240 DCT VJF G5 MAR A44 MGA B46 RESTU REST1Q However, according to the Spanish AIP, A44 from MAR to MGA has an odd flight level. Why PFPX is not changing levels? Any way to force a descent to FL230 at MAR? Thanks, Juan
  7. Many thanks for your answer, Stephen. Best regards, Juan
  8. Hello, I have defined a taxi-out time of 15 mins and taxi-in of 5 mins, so 20 mins in total. As you can see in the OFP, I am getting a total of 15 mins to calculate the taxi fuel. Why is that? AIRBILBAO VA FLIGHTPLAN - IFR ABB239 SAAB340 OIKK-OIZH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL WEIGHTS IN KILOGRAMS (KG) STD 07MAR/2255Z -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OFP 1 - PREPARED 06MAR/1810Z BY JUAN LUIS PASTOR AB01311/ABB239 SAAB340/SF340B ROUTE: OIKKOIZH01 DEP: OIKK/KER 34 ELEV 5738 FT CRUISE: MAX TTL G/C DIST: 212 NM ARR: OIZH/ZAH 35L ELEV 4523 FT INIT ALT: FL250 TTL F/P DIST: 242 NM FUEL BIAS: 100.0% TTL AIR DIST: 242 NM AVG WIND CMP: 0 KT ALT: OIZB/ACZ 34 ELEV 1572 FT 215 NM ALT: OAZJ 34 ELEV 1592 FT 128 NM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONFIG DOW PAX CARGO TOTAL ULOAD LIM ZFW TOW LDW STANDARD 8618 34 0 2720 682 ZFW MAX 12020 13154 12927 PLN 11338 12466 12031 ACT ...... ...... ...... FUEL CORR ENDUR TRIP 435 ........ 01:05 CONT 7% 31 ........ 00:05 ALTN OIZB 388 ........ 00:55 MISSED APP 80 ........ 00:13 HOLD 194 ........ 00:30 MIN T/O 1128 ........ 02:48 ..................................... EXTRA ...... ........ ..... CAPTAINS SIGNATURE (....) TAXI 30 ........ 00:15 RELEASE 1158 ........ 03:03 I ACCEPT THIS OFP AND I AM FAMILIAR ARR FUEL 683 ........ 01:38 WITH THE PLANNED ROUTE AND AERODROMES FUEL TANK CAP 2581 KG / MAX EXTRA FUEL 688 KG LIM BY TOW TRIP CORR FOR 250 KG TOW INCR: +4 KG / 250 KG TOW DECR: -3 KG 2000 FT LOWER: +10 KG / EET 01:03 CLB: LOW SPEED DES: 50/250 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OIKK STD 22:55Z/02:25L ETD 22:55Z ACT OFBL .... EST T/O 23:10Z ACT T/O .... OIZH STA 00:15Z/03:45L ETA 00:20Z ACT ONBL .... EST LDG 00:15Z ACT LDG .... SKD 01:20 PLN 01:25 TTL BLCK .... EST FLT 01:05 TTL FLT .... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best regards, Juan
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