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  1. I have made some tests with a friend and everything is OK with v2.03, but the problem is with v2.04.
  2. Fuel Policy cannot be the issue, I have used a custom one but I got the same result with the default EU-OPS. I have even created a new aircraft using TBM850 template, and I get the same problem too. The strange this is that you can see in the vertical profile the TOD at CIV and in the OFP CIV is correctly marked as *DES, so why this is not reflected in the route?
  3. I have reinstalled PFPX from scratch and I got a new issue related to this topic: no transition from even to odd FL at CIV even if it shown in the Charts graph: ******************************************************************************** F O R I N F O R M A T I O N O N L Y ******************************************************************************** AIRBILBAO VA FLIGHTPLAN - IFR ABI239 SAAB340 EDLN-LFRG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL WEIGHTS IN KILOGRAMS (KG)
  4. Hello, Last AIRAC from NAVIGRAPH in use: I attach the Aircraft and AircraftType. Juan SAAB340.txt Saab 340B.txt
  5. Can someone explain why the flight level change does not happen in SUVOX but in TURUX? According to the German AIP: Juan
  6. I have realized that the Arrival fuel is not the difference between the fuel at Take off and the Trip fuel. For example, Take Off: 7582 Kg. Trip: 2998 Kg. I guess I should get 4584 Kg. at arrival, but it shows 4524 Kg. Why that difference? Juan
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