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  1. Hi Matthew, my pleasure. Thanks for your input, and let me tell you that I find the N2 as reference throttle setting quite amazing. I'm having trouble to fly this thing when for whatever reason I've bled my speed and I can't descend, altitude constraint or waiting for the GS. It asks for lots of power, the throttle quadrant doesn't seem to be very well trimmed, I have a huge dead zone but I know about this and yet sometimes I'll have to disregard the "approach dignity" hahahahaha and continue trading some altitude loss and recovering speed. Cheers
  2. That's much appreciated I enter each of the payload items and fuel and send it to the SIM first and then FMS. Strangely, the green pointer will follow very nicely my inputs up to the time when I send it to the SIM, where a sudden back CG movement occurs, followed by an aprox. same value forth movement if I resend it. Sometimes, the CG indicator just wanders outside the envelope. I'll check on the spoilers as that could well enough explain what I experience. Thanks!!!
  3. Man, you're descending at 136 Vref with 1000ft/min!!!!. Try a sustained leved off fully configured and you'll wish Aerosoft had equipped the CRJ with a couple of ramjets engines instead BTW, ILS coupled, and looking at the airspeed data, the AFGCS should avoid the plane from deviating from the ILS GS unless you have gusty/windshear conditions that exceed AP servos capabilities. You flying at 128 kts ground speed (headwind) that's roughly 2NM/min what gives us a ROD of 600 ft/min at a standard 3 degree glide path. At 1000 ft/min you keeping Vref and coming slightly bellow.....ano
  4. It is. I'll have a look, it happens every now and then though,...sometimes I've seen how the green pointer over the mass and balance sheet goes nuts as well, way way beyond the envelope. But thanks!!!!!
  5. Very awkward behaviour at low speeds near Vref for the configuration as if the AOA were much much higher and the plane was deep in the reverse command area of the drag curve Some times, the stab position recommended in the performance tab of the EFB won't be enough. As you rotate at Vr, the plane won't lift off. It must be some kind of momentary glitch with CG computation or something The ICE detection system is really really annoying. I've noticed if you happen to activate the A/I in advance, it'll work fine. But if you receive the ICE amber detection advisory and then
  6. Yeap, I understand, and that's what I figured but yet Vref is minimum drag speed for that config, I little bit of power should do to overcome any trouble you could encounter, the plane behaves as if you were almost AOA .80 ish at that condition. Vref is normally AOA .67.......no way Jose
  7. To contextualize my post, flying is my profession and I've being doing this for making a living for 18 years. Somehow I'm still in love with sims. Aerosoft CRJ is a great product, very FPS friendly and overall I'm really happy I bought it. Of course, there are still numerous glitches but,...I've never flown a CRJ real life, so I won't go that far as to criticize something that I'm not 100 sure even if it's obvious it's wrong. I am not into knowing the plane thoroughly either, unless I need it for obvious reasons. But there is a thing that is getting under my skin. The throttle
  8. Yes, it does it with default aircraft too, but it seems it has to do with loading any corrupt texture because it isn´t happening early in the morning nor late in the evening, so I suppose that. Thank you
  9. Hi, I´ve just installed Brussels for fs2004. Yesterday I was flying from there and everything looked great but today I´ve been experiencing some trouble. FS2004 crashes without any kind of error message, simply freezes or a blackout comes in and I´ve to reinitiate it. Thank you in advance.
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