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  1. Apologies, Goshob, this is not your fault. I appreciate that you reached out and tried to help. Thank you,
  2. My texture config had five lines: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_A320 fallback.3=..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture fallback.4=..\..\..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture So, I replaced my five-line file with your three-line file. Yes. Then, I modified the config file for FLTSIM.7 as you suggested. Result: Plane loaded with black flight deck panels. I loaded another repaint that I used recently and that loaded fine, all panels visible. Implemented new solution, that works for me: Uninstall A318/319, A320/321 and A330, and their associated utilities; fly PMDG737 and QualityWings787 Boeings instead. I'll watch for Simmarket update notices to see if Aerosoft rectifies this livery installation boondoggle.
  3. I'm using AS_A320-A321-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1310 and Prepar3D_v4_Professional_4.5.14.34698 I dragged Air Canada C-FXCD Airbus A320 CFM 1.0.0 By gustavoaguiar onto Livery Installer 2.1.0 and got this error message. Then I unpacked the file and started a manual install. I added the cfg file update and incremented it by one FLT, and saved the amended cfg file. (I'm using Notepad ++, not Notepad, so the file was saved as a cfg, not a txt.) [FLTSIM.7] title = Airbus A320 Air Canada C-FXCD sim = A320 model = panel = sound = texture = ACA_CFXCD kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = C-FXCD atc_airline = AIR CANADA atc_flight_number = 3201 ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A320-214 CFM ui_variation = Air Canada C-FXCD ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE atc_parking_codes = TAM description = Airbus A320 - 214 CFM / Air Canada C-FXCD \nwww.aerosoft.com \nRepaint by Gustavo Aguiar (www.texturasbrasileiras.com) Then, I copied the Texture.ACA_CFXCD folder to D:\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Aerosoft Airbus\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320 CFM Professional and it now appears in the livery installer. As expected, no preview in P3DV4. So, I went back to the Livery Installer, selected Air Canada C-FXCD and packaged the selected livery, resulting in Airbus A320 Air Canada C-FXCD.zip. Then, back in Livery Installer, I again selected Air Canada C-FXCD and removed the selected livery. Then, I dragged the newly created zip file on the Livery Installer, and got a message that the livery had been installed and it was once again showing in the Livery Installer. I rebooted P3DV4 and the livery preview still does not show up. When I select the livery, the plane does not show up and I cannot change my views. I went through this manual install, package, remove, reinstall new zip file for several liveries; some have since stopped working. Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong? I'll say this again: Aerosoft, delete every P3D Airbus livery file and let the painters upload packaged versions that work with the Livery Installer. I should have been halfway across North America now but I've been trying to get these liveries working; this has totally put me off simming for the day, if not the week.
  4. Here's a radical - but workable - solution. Delete every P3DV4 livery file for the Airbuses from the download section. Post only new uploads that work with the new installer. Would avoid all the frustrations that people are having: download a file, open the new livery manager, click install livery, oh - that one doesn't work... download a file, open the new livery manager, click install livery, oh - that one doesn't work... download a file, open the new livery manager, click install livery, oh - that one doesn't work... download a file, open the new livery manager, click install livery, oh - that one doesn't work... download a file, open the new livery manager, click install livery, oh - that one doesn't work... download a file, open the new livery manager, click install livery, oh - that one doesn't work... ad nauseum.
  5. I'm working my way through this, too. I've got P3DV4.5 HF3 installed, and all my aircraft liveries showing in the livery manager that came with my latest Airbus ( installer and the recommended smart livery manager ( Here's something I found... The aircraft.cfg file skipped FLTSIM.2 so only the first two liveries showed in my P3D Select Vehicle dialog box. And, the order in which the liveries show in the livery installers 1) don't match across livery managers, and 2) don't match the numerical order in the config file (FLTSIM.0, FLTSIM.1, etc.). This never seemed to be a problem in earlier iterations of MSFS and P3D but it might now. When I renumbered the FLTSIM #s to match the order they appeared in the livery manager, and put those entries in numerical order in the cfg, more aircraft showed up in my Select Vehicle dialog. Not all, so I'm still experimenting.
  6. First, let me say that I am loving the A318/19/20/21 aircraft; going back to a 73x almost seems primitive now. Two things I would like to see addressed in an update are related to ambient lighting. Loading the plane at an airport at night, the scene could be more aptly described as cold and dark as a coal mine. (grin) Considering the amount of outside light, even at night, I should be able to see the overhead and panels enough to find the power switches, turn on cabin lighting, etc. Most other devs have similar issues, with the possible exception of a certain dev who focuses mainly on Boeing products (hint, hint). So far, I need to load my Airbus in daylight, turn on the power and lighting and then reload in nighttime. Also, in a related matter, the MCDU is too dark at night. Yes, I can turn up the MCDU's screen brightness - and I do - but the keyboard is a little dark and murky, even with the PFD flood lights on in the cabin. Thanks, again, for a great aircraft; real fun to fly. Looking forward to the A330 to fill a void by a P3DV4 non-existant 767. Cheers.
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