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  1. I have the same problem, 1.28 works fine, 2.03 crash after two seconds. I have installed latest nvidia driver and don't want to go back. Any solution?
  2. And what about seasonal texture, does xp10 will have them or not like in v9?
  3. I would love to see more variations in propeller revolutions when I am into VC, in fact as far as I slow down or apply max power to the throttle, propeller increases variations changes are not visible, obviously I feel sound power drops down or goes up, but it seems that propeller is not there. Can you fix this little problem? I hope you understand what I mean, sorry for my english :-) Many thanks, Riccardo
  4. I had this strange problem activating landing light, a white square into the fog. I think screen is self explaining....I think is not normal: Many thanks, Riccardo
  5. I modified my panel.cfg with red strings above, all works perfectly, but I can only pop up the GPS with SHIFT+4, is not possible to pop up ip clicking above it?
  6. Thank you Marcel for this fix, is it also possible to add a pop up window for this GPS?
  7. Sorry guys, I take on flying the Katana today. Great GA, but is or not possible to add a pop up for the GPS? I use TrackIR, but a popup GPS would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you very much to all for the answers, I'll follow this project very closely. Hoping that it can be a turning point in the simulation. Now it seems that the lion's share do p3d (natural heir of FSX, which will maintain backwards compatibility and will be supported by Aerosoft and Orbx) and XP10. Honestly I would be very embarrassed in the choice ....
  9. I bought either version 8 and 9 of XP but I was a bit disappointed because there was no AI traffic, no under development complex aircraft (except jrollon crj-200 or MU-2 Marquise) add-on like pmdg or other, and no ATC (at least like FSX), so..... I know XP has a more recent architecture than fsx, but I will buy XP10 if some one can answer some questions: 1) Ai traffic, XP will have AI traffic, at least like fsx default? or a possible addon in the future like Radar Contact 2) Does Aerosoft will offer to customer who bought their product for fsx to have a free or discounted version for xp10? I have Katana 4X for FSX and I like to use it in xp10, without re-buy it again for xp10. 3) Does pmdg is working or have a clear plan to develop for xp10? And customer who bought for fsx will have a discount? I have PMDG 737NGX, I don't want to rebuy from scratch it for XP. 4) ATC? At least like Fsx, any news on this side? Or again a robotic voice like in v8 and 9? This is not a realistic atc! 5) I also bought MU-2 Marquise for xp9, will it work for XP10? Retrocompatibility? Many thanks to all
  10. Hi, I'd like to purchase this aircraft, has it raindrops effect on canopy? If not would it be possible to add in a next update? Many thanks, Riccardo
  11. Thank you so much Oliver, it's a pity, maybe one day you'll find out it would be possible :-) I hope it soon :-) Riccardo
  12. Dear Aerosoft Staff, I'd like to suggest for a future release of AES (if possible) the chance to record AES's trucks and pushback tractor directly via FS Recorder. Infact we can't record those vehicles with FS Recorder because AES is not handle like AI traffic, correct? IMHO it's very difficult to record directly with FRAPS when you are starting pushback or making starting engine sequence in VC and then change to spot view to record what you like. It would be very simple and easy we can make pushback, start engine or parking our aircraft in relax, so we can replay via FS Recorder and then using FRAPS to record, like normally I do for my landing or take-offs. Best reguards, Riccardo
  13. Is it possible to download somewhere an AES preset for PMDG MD-11 in FSX (and others aircrafts too)? It would be very appreciated without start every time from scratch. Bye
  14. Do you think to make Venice X compatible with future versions of AES? Many thanks
  15. Hi Oliver, FSRecorder, as you thought, is a module (.dll) for record FS9/FSX data (aircraft, gear, flaps, engine, lights, etc etc) and then playback them; it works like as instant replay if you want, replacing the default one on FS. So, AES vehicles is not properly recorder, they are recordered but non in sync with aircratf. For example, you view at beginning a pushback with truck correctly attached to the main gear of aircraft and then, going on, aircraft moves lonely and truck is stationary. Is there any tools/modules that can solve the problem? any alternatives to FSRecorder? Or better way don't you write or create an external module that can record also AES vehicles data? thanks a lot, Riccardo
  16. Thankyou very much Oliver, very comprehensive! For problem 1 is there any way to solve the problem? infact I have Acceleration pack installet, I have FSX Gold Edition. Ciao
  17. Thanks a lot guys, all now works fine after redefining parameters. But I have some questions: 1) on FSX (not in FS9) I get the AES 2.07 windows not expanded naturally like it could be, but only on one line, and I have to enlarge it manually, see the screen here: http://a.imageshack.us/img836/5826/fsx2010080223274349.jpg 2) with 767-300ER level-d (I don't know other aircrafts) on FSX and FS9 I got 2 different vehicles on the cargo doors, is it normal, the vehicles differs from fs9 and fsx or there is something strange? vehicles for FSX: http://a.imageshack.us/img836/6809/fsx2010080300170925.jpg vehicles for FS9: http://a.imageshack.us/img137/4523/fs92010080300123275.jpg thanks for your help, Riccardo
  18. Ok, I thought it was allready configured. Because my 737 PMDG works fine with AES. Reguards.
  19. I've got AES 2.07: - MD-11 PMDG is not configured as default in AES, correct or I missing something? - 767 LEVEL-D is not configured properly (finger is too far from aircraft in EDDF) as default, is it normal? May I have to configure from my hands?
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