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  1. Interesting. Can I ask why this plane has speed issues with asn and others dont? Im looking for a fix for the same issue with increased speeds on approach and then it slows down again on final. Im curious if this fix will also fix the issue we are having. Curious to know why asn causes this. Also what affect does making these changes in asn have with other addons such as rex sky force etc etc that work with asn.
  2. out of interest what livery are you using?
  3. Think we need to see a video. Hard to understand exactly what is going on.
  4. Exactly what mine does. Mine only appears in the approach phase and speed goes through the roof and then drops after you are frantically trying to get it down. This is the unenjoyable part especially when online.
  5. Yes this is getting very annoying with this aircraft, to a point its getting un enjoyable to fly. Did a flight today hoping the latest update fixed it but nope.If you fix the speed issue the bird will be great especially with the latest update that just came out. Please put this on the top of the priority list! Cheers.
  6. I'm using chaseplane so will have a look at that thanks however mine is upon loading into the actual sim. So as soon as the sim loads the plane is running away. Could be the same issue though?
  7. HI wolfgang, No, not loaded via a saved flight. Always new flight and new load.
  8. Good Morning, Attempted to do a flight plan from YMML-YPAD yesterday and this morning utilising the following: Current NAV - NG2001 WX Active Sky active. Utilising upper airspace option. A333 profile Rwy 16 and 05 were in use. The issue I am having is it is only giving me a cruise altitude of 10,000ft throughout the entire flight. Is there a fix to this as its very incorrect and usually has altitudes over 30,000ft. Please see attached. Thank you. YMMLYPAD.flp
  9. Anyone else get this plane (a330) running away through the trees sometimes on startup? Any fixes to this or tips to stop it. Once I reload its fine. Have it on quick turn around state. Cheers
  10. Thanks Dave, appreciate the follow up. I will have a look at the video for sure and see what you did to improve the speed reduction. Great to see the follow up, Cheers.
  11. This not work in P3DV.5?? Tried to install but not showing. (Have installed numerous liveries before with aerosoft)
  12. Thanks skwal. Theirs something wrong with the bus not the PC's I'm 100% certain of that. Been flying online for some time with all sorts of aircrafts but this one is definitely weird in how it handles in bad weather especially the speed. I'm sure its not how it handles in real life and in no way is it connected to PC specs or how the PC handles. Good weather it's a dream to fly. If it was spec related even in good weather it would show some issues. Thanks let me do some more flights and see what I can come up with.
  13. Dave, I am very confused about your answer to this issue. Can you please explain to me how PMDG/QW787 and other aircraft can fly this weather without an issue using AS and shaders etc however the aerosoft plane cant? I'm not alone in this issue it appears (after asking on facebook in flight sim groups). How can aerosoft blame a third party app for a plane "misbehaving"? Reducing parameters is not the solution to this issue as they run perfectly fine for every other aircraft on my hard drive. I have already proven that it is not weather texture or shader induced so that debunks that theory. What you are advising is to reduce my settings on my pc which as above there isnt a need for other aircrafts. It is not a fps issue.
  14. Tomato preset but only RD preset -https://www.rdpresets.com/ No no weather textures whatsoever. I had only reformatted PC the other day so all that is included is the preset only. Not even shaders for planes so very basic input from outside presets etc.I can confirm that it was a clean reinstall of everything so theirs nothing in the background that was once installed that's still laying around. It was like the plane didnt want to interact with the fmc speed restrictions etc and no matter what you did the speed especially was way out. It was an absolute pig to fly in better words 🙂 I'm about to do the flight again now and see how it goes but appears weather is better today.
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