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  1. okay so some good news. After speaking with someone on facebook who was having the same issue, it appears having outdated navigraph with the A320 will cause this issue. Updated to the latest (only one out) and flew into YPAD without any issues at all. Will do a couple more test flights but seems to be the issue. For info if anyone else suffers this issue with outdate navigraph (even if its just out of date!)
  2. Should further note that I did the same two flights in the 737PMDG yesterday and worked without any issues as well. So we can rule out scenery.
  3. Yes we did. All works fine until we try to activate as stated above. The aircraft will turn onto final with correct heading. It all falls to bits once on final and activating LOC and it then begins to conduct the 360 or looking for the G/S again by flying left to right. I have flown this route with tehe A320 before hand and worked fine however since the update we did the other day is when we noticed the issue.
  4. Thanks for the reply Dave. Here is the latest: Uninstalled everything and deleted all folders relevant. Reinstalled all aircraft out of the (86) folder this time. Admin approved. Did the update with experimental features enabled. Flew a different route (YMML/YPAD) thinking it might be YPDN causing the issue. Nope.... (flown the YPAD a thousand time in other planes no issue). As soon as I hit the APP button for the ILS rwy 23 it banks to the right and does the 360 degree turn it was doing earlier on in YPDN. It seems to be as soon as it hits the localiser. Establishing on the blue arrow on the FMC. Im just about at my wits end as I cant fly this plane. Only thing to eliminate now is the livery I am using. Would this cause it event though its only a texture change? If not what else. FPS still at 30 so ruled that one out of the equation. Regards Ben YPAD route Rwy 23 Drin9V arrival GULLY trans. N0451F340 NEVIS5 NEVIS H345 DUKES ALEX8V ILS freq - 109.7 Apprch (confirmed correct and matched in FMC) Cres 222
  5. Okay did a similar flight with an easier STAR with FPS active to show what I am getting. Average 30fps (locked). It seems every time it locks onto the Localiser it decides to turn off it. This flight captures the localiser and then decides to do a left hand turn and a full 360 degree turn back onto the path. Once again, went into manual override, straightened her out, hit app again and once again went left to right once it recaptures the LOC. Its not FPS so Im lost.
  6. Thanks I will try the second part out and see how we go. Definitely not FPS as once you take control back manually it flies like normal so we can rule fps out. Cheers.
  7. HI Mathijs, I can guarantee its not FPS. Run a very good PC and nil issues with FPS in any aircraft.YPDN is not a heavy FPS airport either. A320 is also up to date with as seen in photo. It is all over the place coming down the glide scope. Its like it cant keep aligned so it goes searching for it again. Believe this issue was in earlier developments?
  8. Flying the A320 into YPDN last two days and both times it swerves from left to righ and doesn't keep track of the g/s. I thought this was being fixed with the latest update? (ran latest up date two days ago hoping it would fix the issue. Any suggestions? I'm familiar on the ILS system with other planes and they work flawlessly with them but having issues with the A320. Not sure if it is still a bug? Thanks in advance.
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