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  1. Hi, I just repeated the flight today to test the error, and the CTD occurred again at roughly the same place on the arrival (aka when I was getting ready to line up with the ILS), same error although I did not interact with the FMGS this time. Attatched is what I believe is the relevant logfile for the FMGS, and the P3D save taken at around 10,000 feet in order to aid in replicating the error externally (I don't know what files are necessary so I've attached all of them). In the next few days I'll reinstall the bus to a different folder as reccommended and then repeat the flight again to see if this solves the issue. Many Thanks, Martin FMGS.log crash test.abx crash test.asc crash test.fms crash test.fxml crash test.wx
  2. I'll probably reinstall the bus and try that, certainly is at least more pallatable than the prospect of a full sim reinstall.
  3. Hi, I will look to try and reproduce the issue in the next few days. It is possible that the UAC restrictions on C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) may be part of the issue, though I have gone and deliberately purged a lot of the protections because I was having so many issues when trying to manually modify files in other addons etc. on the sim (the more I use Windows 10 the more I miss Windows 7 in this regard, few OSes have been as frustrating to use in my experience). I'll look to reproduce the issue first and then maybe look at changing my installation. There is also a possiblity that a recent Windows update may also be the culprit as I have a not entirely dissimilar CTD a few days before in the PMDG 747, though that never registered in the Event-Viewer so I've had very little to go on as far as that crash, and I also feel that in that case the heavy weather may have been more of a factor (whereas there was only very light weather in my CTD in the A320). Many Thanks, Martin
  4. Hi all, Picked up the a320 for a Vatsim flight and got a rather nasty FMGC.dll crash while on approach into Bilbao, this occured when I set a direct waypoint to line myself up with the final approach course for RWY 30 in the FMGC which appeared to be enough to crash the sim. I didn't have logging turned on so this is all I can currently provide until the next time I get a similar crash: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d8abf93 Faulting module name: FMGS.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5e9ea9b0 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000000c4e81 Faulting process ID: 0x22f4 Faulting application start time: 0x01d6340bb8196f7a Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\DLLs\FMGS.dll Report ID: f38de481-70ea-4300-b303-1a65474652b4 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks, Martin
  5. Hi all, I've seen a couple of old threads about this regarding the old versions of the Airbus, and have just discovered the same issue myself. To summarise: When flying the CFM Airbus (in this particular case the A318), fuel consumption does not appear to be consistent, instead showing near sieve-like fuel-burn qualities. I've attached a flight plan a flight plan (very) similar to the one I used in order to potentially aid in replication. Also to Clarify: My flights are currently planned with PFPX (Active Sky Providing the weather), with the subsequent weights then inputted into the options mcdu. It is obvious that even with the IAE aircraft that the fuel burn data does not match up exactly, however normally relatively long flights in the IAE and shorter flights in the CFM can be made easily with what PFPX provides, with the CFM on longer flights fuel performance appears to degrade significantly over time. At the start of the flight, the MCDU shows a rather sensible EFOB for the destination, not as high as with other aircraft in my fleet, but workable nonetheless. As hours pass by in cruise however, the value gradually decreases, this is also with a tailwind on pretty much the entire route. More than half of the 18.6k kg of fuel I loaded on board had burnt off by the time I left the coast of Canada, which does not seem right at all. The flight cruised at FL370 with CI30, climbing to 390 and/ or decreasing the CI did little to remedy this. Anyway, the initial conclusion one can draw is that extra fuel should be loaded when flying the AIrbus on long-haul routes. Although fuel is tight on the JFK-LCY route, with the plan attached one has room for another 1-2k of fuel which can make all the difference. Nonetheless, I would reccomend that for SP1 or another update, that the Fuel Performance is given another look at, particularly in cruise. It's possible that the Autopilot in it's current state may not also be flying the Aircraft as efficiently as it could be. Thanks, Martin. BAW2 KJFK-EGLC (03 Sep 2018) #1.txt
  6. I originally consulted about this on the pinned thread in this part of the forum. After some troubleshooting I have determined the issue and the fix - so this is essentially a heads up for uses of FlyChrono and the Aerosoft Airbus Professional. FlyChrono, as those who use it know, keeps your simulator time synced to keep it synced to real world time, compensating somewhat for the flaws in P3D's design regarding time. It syncs the time by partially reloading the simulator. Unfortunately as I discovered yesterday, this causes some issues with the Aerosoft Airbus. It appears that the reloading caused by FlyChrono interferes with the initial loadup of the airbus. I have my default Panel-State set to cold and dark in the Options MCDU, the reload appears to intefere with this and the aircraft does not load the state correctly. It instead loads up it's 'factory' state, aka, engines on etc. However the Options MCDU greys the State, Door and GND services options. This is not effected if you set parking brakes or shut down the engines (I was moving forward for some reason when I took the screenshot so there is a small groundspeed, take my word for it that it is no different with the parking brake on and engines off). A screenshot is attached below. This issue can be resolved rather easily I have found. Simply do not start flychrono until the Airbus has fully loaded. Loading the aircraft while FlyChrono is already loaded in is what causes the Issues. This is only a relatively minor bug, though frustrating if the cause isn't initally identified, so I am leaving this post here partially so that this can be potentially patched around if possible. Thanks, Martin. Edit: I should probably also clarify that this is most likely an issue with the most recent update of FlyChrono, as I did not have any previous issues with FlyChrono and the Aerosoft Airbus. I will probably make a similar post on the FlyApps support forum to make the developers of the addon aware, this post is mostly just a heads-up for users of the Aerosoft who also use FlyChrono.
  7. Hi Rolf, Reloading the aircraft and/ or the sim didn't seem to do much if that is what you meant. The Simulator reset seemed to put me on the default flight for some reason. One other potential suspect I do have atm is FlyChrono, due to the way it reloads the sim, and it did update recently. I'll do some troubleshooting tomorrow when I have time, and if I come up with anything of merit I'll probably give it it's own thread.
  8. Should have made that clear too, setting the parking brake didn't seem to make any difference. Neither did shutting down the engines. I would hardly see this as incorrect use considering that loading in the aircraft before has caused no such issues. If indeed this is not the same issue I will create a new thread in due course where I try to iron this out more.
  9. Hi all, booted up the A318 this morning and encountered the State issue. No St Elmo's fire but the aircraft is stuck in a state different to the one I have set to default and the Aircraft state options, along with the doors and Ground Connections are greyed out in the MCDU. I'm afraid I haven't taken the liberty of reading this entire thread but it appears to be a similar issue to what is being encountered by others here. For some Confirmation: I am running P3D V4.3, my install has not been upgraded, as I only purchased the sim shortly after 4.3 was released. I have not tested if the A319 has the same issues yet. The last time I flew the A319 I had no issues, whereas I have had issues with the A318 before. I was using Active Sky and was loaded in at Drzewiecki Design JFK. The weather was overcast, while I am not sure about the scenery I have read in parts of this thread about this happening with these kinds of conditions with Active Sky in use. I had loaded in a loadsheet with the fuel manager shortly before, no idea if this did anything but again a potential variable I guess.
  10. And the issue is resolved. Thank you very much for the quick responses, good to know that it was my own competence at fault rather than the aeroplane itself. Look forward for getting some more flights done and for the release of the 320/21. Thanks, Martin.
  11. I have not in fact, thank you for this. I believe I have forgotten to insert the block fuel into the INIT 2 page (have obviously gotten a bit too used to Boeing-Style FMCs) , I will go in again and check that this is completed properly and check for the issue again.
  12. Hi Cathal, I have tried what you suggested and the aircraft still does not appear to be following the route. I have taken a screenshot as well as requested by Aldarean:
  13. Hi all, I have as of yet only made one successful flight in the A318/19 Professional. This is due to a bizzare tendency of the autopilot & flight director to refuse to follow any kind of route programmed into the MCDU. When in managed mode the aircraft simply plows along at its present heading and the map display does not even recognise having past a waypoint, with the distance ticking back up again as the waypoint is passed. No end of directs can fix this issue, the new route shows up but the FD refuses to follow it. This is the same when going from heading select to selecting a direct. Any support would be greatly appreciated as the aircraft is simply unflyable for me in its present state. Thanks, Martin.
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