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  1. Really interesting topic here! I wrote with 29 Palms about one year ago if there are any plans on updating EDDB. The developer said, that they are currently not working on an update, it is planned to bring out an update with the real opening of the new airport. As I am now reading from Aerosoft that it is not planned to update the addon, I am asking if there is a misunderstanding between the developer and the publisher? If no, I don't understand the reason for the change of mind... Source: https://www.29palms-forum.de/post/eddb-update-10271846 (The answer is in Ge
  2. Oh bin da wohl mit dem deutschem und englischem Forum durcheinander gekommen. Sollte aber trotzdem klar sein, was ich meine
  3. Hey, it looks like all charts are not in order since the newest AIRAC update. They are not numbered so it appears that the system orders them alphabetically. It would be great if you can fix it soon. I spoke with several people, all having the same problem. Thanks in advance Hannes
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