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  1. Hi Ole, Since I will be most likely at a BBQ with beer in hand at the time the others wish to fly I will probably still be joining you at 21.00 CET. Probably: because BBQ can get a little out of hand at +30C. Kasper p.s.: I will be flying the Tu-114: has props and can do it in under 3 hours!
  2. I adapted a flightplan from the Real World Flightplan Database http://www.edi-gla.co.uk . I adapted a flight from EDDF to start at EAFS and join the flightplan at LOMRO. In the A320 a trip of 1066 nm in 2:09 according to FSC. EAFS KPT LOMRO UM867 ABISO UY450 NERRA UL607 PINDO ERITI T514 XAVIS LGIR
  3. Ole, I would wait on the Bae. I know some people having trouble with getting it started. Might be system related, but I would wait on the result. I can keep you posted if you want. Kasper
  4. Hi guys, it's been a while .. Time to get back in and go online flying at Andras Field for the first time. I will try to be there at 21.00 CET == Andras Field Time? Considering the distance I will probably be flying a Boeing or Airbus jet. A propliner would take between 3.5 and 4 hours, just a little too long when leaving at 2100 (and having to work the next day). Kasper
  5. My numbers. FSX windowed, settings as in the manual. FPS recorded with FSFK. Default C172 virtual cockpit, no weather. AVG fps 25,65 AVG fps origin/flight/destination: 24,04 / 25,19 / 25,83 Framerate hit a low of 18 fps while taxiing around the airfield. AVG take off & landing around 24 - 25 fps. Procedure: take off, circuit, land, taxi to the end of the runway, taxi all over the airfield, through the airpark, to the water ramp. Kasper
  6. Well, not much response yet. I will check this weekend and post here. Kasper
  7. It has been a while since I posted here, but I am still on it. Today I finished flight 13 and I have now arrived in Tunisia, Africa. The first landing outside Europe. The site http://www.kasperhanselman.nl/worldflight will be updated tonight with the latest progress reports.
  8. Thank you Aerosoft, much appreciated. Happy and successful 2012 to all.
  9. Never mind, I should read the manual more carefully. I wanted to fly to inactive stations (early season).
  10. After installing AntarcticaX and updating the FSC9 database I still can not find the Antarctica airports in FSC9. In PlanG the airports also are not to be found after updating the database. What am I doing wrong? Kasper Hanselman
  11. The hardware troubles are over and the flight to Budapest is complete. I will update the site later today. I just need to do a little finetuning in FSFK and FSPax and all will be as it should be.
  12. Well, actually yes. I had my HD going bad on me! I have recently installed a new HD and have just finished installing all my software. Flight testing the system is ongoing. I expect to make the flight to Budapest tomorrow (16-6). Thanks for the show of interest!
  13. Ian, I don't know what FSInn does, but I do know it does something. I had a problem with FSX crashing on start up after I installed UT2. Observations led me to believe that the crash occured when UT2 loaded in the startup process. It looked like a conflict with FSInn on some .dll. After I uninstalled FSInn everything worked as advertised. Now I have to say that I discussed this with a tester for FSInn who claims that the problems can not be caused by FSInn but since my problems were solved I did not take very much notice of his objections. Sorry, I forgot the details because it is a couple of months ago and my issue is solved now. Hopes this helps a little?
  14. Philip, Go to -My Account - -Show all orders- Find Andras Field - click on the -VIEW- button. In the screen you will see now you will have the download link to 1.17
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