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  1. Well, it worked with all versions since last year, up to The audio error started showing up with 2.2. Did the previous versions use the older Xaudio module like CRJX? If not, then yes, it would have been luck indeed! And W8/8.1 is close enough to W10 that, unless you use the few 10-specific features (like say XAudio2 2.9 or DX12) everything tends to run fine. That's why I asked if we could get a map of what exactly goes where with 2.2, that way we can try and trace it instead of hoping for OS/version-specific testing that's unlikely to come....
  2. No, I'm using Windows 8.1. Different sound systems and a P3D crash on loading.....
  3. I have tried pretty much all the things listed in those threads and more: reinstalled v2.0.0.0 uninstalled the Qwings 787, then reinstalled the CRJ same in reverse replaced the navigraphOIDC.dll with the newer one did a complete reinstall of P3D scrubbed the remaining config files left after running the uninstaller, then reinstalled repaired all the installed C++ libraries (the most recent one seemed to need it, based on duration) scrubbed leftover registry keys, then reinstalled and.....dark cockpit again. There's clearly something left somewhere. Could we get a spreadsheet or a Visio chart of all the files that are installed by V2.2.0.0? Also, it would be nice to be able to download previous versions, not just the very last one as I don't have V5 yet. v2.0.0.0 worked perfectly before, I'd like to get it back.
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