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  1. Yeah I agree but I would also love to have an A318, 'love this plane !
  2. Yeah but I think with AFS we can expect great default airplanes.
  3. Glad to read from you on this forum, Mathijs ! I would like to have sim. informations like flight hours, settings, logbook etc. online for some reasons. First: when you reinstall the soft, it's more easy to just click "restore profile from XX/XX/2013 00:00" than pasting files in directories, etc. and it's more safe. (disk crashing, etc.) And second, with theses infos online, you can expand the community, you can create badge (like Xbox gamercard), you can create competitions, etc. Depending of what infos you stock online. But I disagree with the fact the addons will be online. (wich part of the addons ?) How to manage this with others companies ? No, don't like... 'Can create problem with authorizations, etc.I'll really like to have a simple addon manager ! Managed by size, creator/publisher, etc. You want to delete an add-on ? Just go to the add-on manager and it'll uninstall the addon properly. And a cool feature would be that in this addon manager, there are an update function that can check the updates for all the products/addons installed. It thing it's possible to do this with a little work... For example, for the update function, all editors can provide a XML-like file with dedicated URLs for the update process (last build number, url to download updates, etc.).And, it will be great if add-ons don't install/use .exe files, only .dll and non-executable files. (obj, ini, etc.). In this vision, we can imagine that add-on can be installed by the add-on manager, no need of a special installer from the creator of the add-on. For this, you should define categories for every add-ons (for example: AI Traffic, Airplane, static aircraft, Airport, etc.). A lot of companies do this, and I like it ! Thanks for reading.
  4. Maybe you got some -1 on the picture simply because it's stupid to say that you'll like to see a plane almost crashing in another...
  5. I do the same with 8 physical cores (2 cpu Intel Quad-Core) (it's not a joke ) but I don't get good FPS... I think it's mainly depending of the Clock frequency (mine are 2.8Ghz) and the memory bus speed (that's why core i7 are better).
  6. Hmm, just a photo where we really see the Lighting effect:
  7. I mean that you can select a better compression when you save your JPG. Like you know: left: good compression, right: bad compression P.S. Thanks a lot for the Qatar livery !
  8. Perfect, great work ! But, can you compress yours JPG better ? or send the image in PNG? And please, more screens from Qatar
  9. No, my mistake ! Sry, ThoRe said it's not for FS2004...
  10. Yeahhh, that's a great news ! Thanks alot to all the Aerosoft Team I don't know which products I'll download now Congrats to everybody !
  11. Qatar Airways (new livery) I can try to do the livery if you want... I just need the PaintKit
  12. Great idea ! But with 5 sections Boeing > 737 > 700 > CFM 56 > easyJet Airbus > A320 > 200 > IAE V2500 > Lufthansa
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