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  1. and the timing is perfect for the upcoming Lukla scenery for AFS2. Regards, Ray
  2. WingZ, Near the beginning of the install there will be a browse or something the change and confirm the install path. It looks like all you need to do is change C to D. The rest of the path should already be there. Regards, Ray
  3. No. That is not for the user Scenery. That is the IPACS area. You need to direct Aerosoft to D:\users\tech\documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\ for the Aerosoft Helgoland - Regards, Ray
  4. Thanks Sasa, The comparison table above answers almost all of my previous questions and I do understand that AFS2 is a young sim and is under constant development and improvement. The added airport on the mainland is indeed a nice addition. That airport, EXBD, has a land based wind turbine farm nearby, are these wind mills animated and included in the bonus scenery? Regards, Ray
  5. Sasa, do the seagulls fly in the AFS2 version? Regards, Ray
  6. Oh my. I just had a terrible thought. What if this Helgoland for AFS2 only supports the Aerosoft DVD version of Aerofly FS 2. A great majority of AFS2 users are running the Steam version. But, then Orbx adds their add on scenery using their own FTXCentral program and that works just fine with the Steam version. Comments? Regards, Ray
  7. Sasa, Maybe there are some USCitiesAFS2 in our future. Maybe USCitiesAFS2 Dallas/Ft.Worth or USCitiesAFS2 Miami/Ft.Lauderdale. Just a thought. Regards, Ray
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