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  1. Hi every body, When I fly the CRJ 700, I have low fps, 13 to 15, when I have, with same P3D settings, 20 to 25 with others aircrafts, including PMDG 737 NG. Is there some performance optimization possible in the CRJ settings? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, Is there a possibility to hide the yoke in the CRJ 700 cockpit in order to have a better access to buttons and other contols? Thanks for replies!
  3. I have solved this issue, reading another thread of this forum. Thank tou!
  4. Hi, I read above that it is possible to assign keys using the .lua script. can some body explain me the process to apply this? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, I just updaded my P3DV4 to V4.1, my FSUIPC5 to the last version and the CRJ to the last version. My saitek throttle has been recalibrated using your instructions, as I had done with the last version. But now, the levers don't go to the maximum of their way (only half) and I cann't reach more than 50% of the thrust. With all my others aircrafts, everything is OK. Can you help me? Regards
  6. In the logging box, I don't see open log in new Windows. May be I have a different FSUIPC version than yours.......
  7. Hi, Yes, Iuse a registered version. What is the log function?
  8. I cann't assign switches (encoders) of my hardware (Leobodnar boards) for some functions like altitude setting, hdg setting, speed setting, etc...... Is it possible or not? Thanks for support
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