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  1. Thanks for your reply. This is related to the new version of FlythemaddogX which is still not being released. I can't provide screenshots because I don't own PFPX, but some of our beta testers do. I'm being told that the FP when exporting to the .mdr has the latest fix of an airway deleted. Example for the reported issue: LIML GEN DCT TORTU UM858 RAMEN M732 CAR LIEE Two segments of an airway. UM858 (from TORTU to RAMEN consists of those fixes: TORTU-AKUTI-SUDAS-LIBLO-AJO-CORSI-MINKA-ORVEX-BOLOT-RAMEN and M732: RAMEN-KOVAS-CAR when loaded in the .mdr format inside the FMS shows like this inside legs page: LIML GEN TORTU AKUTI SUDAS LIBLO AJO CORSI MINKA ORVEX BOLOT CAR As I said, the last point belonging before to an airway is being removed. I don't know if anything can be done at this time, but I wanted to report this on user's feedback. Thanks a lot. Stefano
  2. Hello, I've been told there is an error in the exportation of a flight plan for the .mdr format, is this the right place to report it? Thanks Stefano
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