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  1. Turned off the three ANTI-ICE options, as well as the APU DOOR, and the SPD mode now seems to be working smoothly. No wonder I was losing so much speed during the climb, lol.
  2. Hello, I read the Vol3-Tutorial.pdf that came with the CRJ Pro installation for P3Dv5.1, and I am seeing an issue with the SPD mode during CLB. I have AP on, together with AP ENG, SPEED and NAV modes. My throttle is set to CLB. As I am climbing, I notice that the plane seems to be slightly rocking back and forth. Not enough to change the vertical speed reading, but enough to be visible and cause motion sickness, as if on a ship in waves. I can definitely just use manual VS mode during the whole climb as a solution, but the tutorial seemed to recommend SPD mode, and I would also prefer to use it. Is it possible I set something wrong through weights? I set the fuel and weight in the EFB, and selected the Set Payload in Simulator, and Copy Performance INIT DATA to FMS options. Flightplan imported through SimBrief. Thanks for your time!
  3. Any news on the Twin Otter being updated for P3Dv5? I know that MSFS 2020 is taking the front seat in resource allocation, but there are a lot of folks out there that vested heavily into P3D over the past years, and would still love to fly this fun model. Miss landing it on water, especially.
  4. Hello, From my understanding, PMDG 777 got a free update to P3Dv5. I checked my Aerosoft downloads, and the relevant downloads still say, "PMDG 777-200LR/F for P3D V4" and "PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Pack for P3D V4". I don't have P3Dv4 installed anymore, and am curious if I need to do so, in order for me to get the update to P3Dv5. Or am I missing something else?
  5. Happened at 7Q7. I am using OrbX as well, if that helps. Suggestion for fix might be to allow for a wider radius around the airport.
  6. This is where I am having my issue. If I try and use the pitch controls to correct the autopilot's sudden climb or descent, it automatically disengages the ALT mode. I usually bring the plane up manually to within 100ft of the assigned altitude, then engage AP (if it wasn't already on before), followed by ALT. Sometimes it will just lunge upwards or downwards by more than 1000ft even though I brought it within 100ft of its destination altitude. I just tried it again and cannot seem to replicate the problem I was having before. Will record a video of it next time it is happening.
  7. Turning on the autopilot altitude setting does not seem to work as intended, and in fact causes the plane to crash. The NAV functionality seems to work fine though. What is going on?
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