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  1. Doesn't the CRJ have a list available? How come not this model?
  2. Doesn't seem to want to turn in any direction on the ground. Update: Tried enabling auto-rudder, and it barely turns, and when I press the brakes, it immediately resets the turn to center position. I then have to hold down the left turn key to barely get it to turn again. I can also see the ailerons twitching, as I'm trying to turn in a certain direction. It seems like they are recognizing my inputs, but being reset to center position? I also have your CRJ, btw, and this problem does not happen there.
  3. Hello, The tutorial says, "The settings MCDU is opened via a hidden click zone on MCDU 1 or 2." This only works for the actual MCDU in the virtual cockpit, and not with the version that comes up when you use the shortcuts Shift +2, Shift +3 and Shift +4. Spent some time spinning on this, and it might save time for future users, to have that difference specified in the manual.
  4. Hello, I am looking to load a flight plan into the FMS, after putting the file into the appropriate folder. I am not seeing a list of routes anywhere in the FMS.
  5. Regarding #2, that makes sense, I figured it was something along those lines. In the example I mentioned above though, it would be nice if it let the $6.50 discount stay on there, instead of removing it in favor of the $4.99, when the second discounted item is added. I have attached some screenshots showing what I mean.
  6. Hello, I don't see a support forum category just for the websites, so I will post this here for now. The two bugs are: Clicking on the banner ad at the bottom of this forum, for the new Aerobus Pro, leads to a page with a heading that says, "Unfortunately, this product is no longer available". Am guessing this needs to be updated. When you add multiple items to your cart, that are currently on a discount, the only discount that stays on, is the lowest one. Not sure if this is because you are only allowed one discount per cart, but I would think that the customers would at least like the largest one to stay on. An example use case for this, is adding the Ibiza Pro and Newcastle X products, which are currently both on sale.
  7. I just tried to go into the Scenery Library, and deselect it, but it won't let me. What tool are you referring to? I feel like I tried this once when I was back on FSX, and it caused a whole slew of other issues for me with other runways and approaches across the map. I was hoping to only fix the approaches for this single airport.
  8. So the runways are in the identical spots in the addon, as they are in the original version of P3Dv4.3? If so, then yes, I agree with your assessment. I will double check when I get a chance, and take some screenshots.
  9. LNAV Similar to the latter. I will get a screenshot when I get a chance to repro it again, but it seemed like the purple line was aligned to taxiway in between the two runways, and then did a last minute connection with the blue line, which was on top of the runway. I therefore disconnected the AP beforehand, in order to align it to the runway earlier. I use the database that came with P3Dv4.3, and the pmdg 737. P.S. Just wanted to add that this works correctly for other addons, and even other airport sceneries I have from bought from you in the past.
  10. Hello, I tend to only post here for bugs, so I wanted to give some credit where it is due. I am loving the direction your latest airport products are taking, in regards to the interior modeling of terminals, instead of just putting a static texture on the outside. This makes it a pleasure to look out from your cockpit, after you park. Now that you can model what happens inside the terminal, I have to wonder whether you will complete the 'dream' loop, by integrating these products with the upcoming GSX Level 2 expansion, where pax will be animated? In other words, can we seem them line up inside, then walk through the jetways? What about de-boarding, while people are waiting in line to board? Either way, thanks for your hard work, and I hope you continue this design trend.
  11. Hello, I just tried to land at the Aerosoft Frankfurt Pro airport, on runway 25C, by plugging it into the pmdg 737 FMC as the arrival procedure. Unfortunately, it seemed to align me in between runways 25L and 25C instead. What can I do to fix this? I checked the manual that is linked from the EDDF Configuration tool, but I didn't find anything that would help with this problem.
  12. Update: It turns out that I apparently do NOT have P3Dv4.3 ... wow. Not sure why this is the case, since I definitely ran the installer for the upgraded version. Looks like the issue is with me, and the ticket can be closed, thanks.
  13. The previous installation of the CRJ was at least starting up, so why would it suddenly stop working? This makes no sense to me as well. I just started a new flight with the PMDG 737, and everything is working great, so again, I don't think this has to do with my rig, or my installation of P3D.
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