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  1. This is not about expectation. This is about not getting visible smoke and fire effects. The above example video shows the scenario for engine fire pretty well. But I don´t have visible fire and smoke effects! Simple questions still unanswered: Which setting in FSX does affect the visibility of said effects? Is there supposed to be a corresponding bitmap to these fx_Aerosoft_Twot_engfire.fx and fx_Aerosoft_Twot_engsmoke.fx files? (And if, at which Location?)
  2. Created following situation for excessive T5 until fire alarm goes off: 30°C/58°F OAT Full fuel flow Full Prop Full "throttle" climbing at about 1800fpm After a few minutes the fire alarm goes off and results in a power loss in both engines. Shouldn´t that result in visible effects? As T5 is maxed out fire is expected to be visible. Isn´t it? Basically it´s like that but without the nice effects:
  3. Yes of course. Did a few tests. The engine starting smoke does work pretty well. Hot-start situations don´t show fire and smoke. And Excessive T5 temperature situations don´t trigger the effects aswell. Which setting would affect the visibility of the smoke and fire effect? Is there supposed to be a custom (fx_XXX.bmp) Bitmap in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects\texture folder corresponding to the fx_Aerosoft_Twot_engfire.fx and fx_Aerosoft_Twot_engsmoke.fx files? Or maybe in another path? Didn´t change any of the file locations. I am not sure if the effects aren´t triggered or might be missing at all. So it would be helpful to know: Which setting in FSX does affect the visibility of said effects? Is there supposed to be a corresponding bitmap to these effects? (And if, at which Location?) Deinstalled, Cleaned and Re-installed twice. Conect
  4. Hi, When intentionally set engines on fire, alarms and procedures are working fine, but there is no smoke or fire effect on the engines. Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects contains fx_Aerosoft_Twot_engfire.fx and fx_Aerosoft_Twot_engsmoke.fx files which should be visible in the sim under these circumstances. I am not sure how to force visibility of these effects as they should be part of this product by itself. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit FSX / Acceleration (SP2) (Boxed) Aerosoft Twin Otter X Extended v1.21a Please tell me how to fix this. Conect
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