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  1. Hello Shaun and Andy, sorry for this late response, but I was not at home these last days, and, when i returned, my computer was broken (mother card burned due to a storm) I have bought a new CPU ( proc Intel Core i7, 3Go with a NVidia GTX 260 card) , and now, all is OK, I can flight with my Twin Otter in Polynesian islands. It seams you are right Andy, my previous NVidia graphic card was too old for the simulator. Best regards and thanks a lot for your help. Hello Patrick, Also try loading a default Cessna first and then the Twin Otter. Below are 2 pictures one with the switch set to Dim the other Bright.
  2. Yes Andy, I have Fsx accelerator installed ( which included SP2)
  3. Hello Shaun, no change, the switch was already on bright. I have tried to turn it one or two times, but no result.
  4. Hello Schaun, hereunder, find screenshots in attachement Thanks in advance for your help Patrick
  5. I installed the version 1.11 of DHC6 Twin Otter (that I bought in download) to use it with Tahiti x. When I load a plane Twin Otter, whatever the model is, all the dials (avionics engine and radio) of the cockpit 3d remain out (dark in all vues). I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but nothing changed. I also tried the switchs on the console lighting without more result Note; that when I change plane (planes Fsx) on the same scene, everything is OK, instruments are alight well. Have you already had this problem? Can anyone help me to resolve it ? Thanks in advance for your help Regards Patrick
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