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  1. I just get the jetways pointing up. I've tried un installing, re-installing, re-running the configurator, and still the jetways are borked. There needs to be an update for this please. Thanks.
  2. This was a shader issue. Sorry guys. Please consider this resolved.
  3. Not sure why this is happening after installing the new LDZA professional scenery. Looks like most everything is in black and white...even the sky. Edit: I have a feeling this might actually be a shader issue and not a scenery issue. I'm restoring shaders now.
  4. Updating to the latest P3D hotfix instantly fixed the issues for me. Sorry for the confusion. Looks outstanding guys!
  5. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about. I have 2 areas where there is artifacting. This is one of them
  6. I have the same issue in the pic minus the ground issue. The issue is with the jetway signage well above where the jetways actually are. I'd like to know why. PBR shouldn't affect elevation issues guys. Thanks.
  7. I just did that and was getting ready to post when you Everything's back now. Thanks.
  8. Why is it, I'm the only one that seems to have certain issues when it comes to simming? Where did the SID/STARs go after the latest Navigraph AIRAC update?? They are no longer in PFPX. Thanks.
  9. I think I figured it out. It's in the 'find' optimized route function. Notice when I have adequate airports on with threshold 60 minutes selected, you're actually NOT ETOPS the entire way. I'm still not sure this is entirely correct, but it looks closer. EDIT: Spoke to soon....I see the ETP's in the US are still there....sorry, this isn't correct.
  10. I just ran the scenario again with the new update. ETOPS over the US?? Really?? I'm pretty sure VIR is OPSPEC'd for US airports. What has changed here? Why is the departure and destination airports required for EDTO?
  11. I don't think that Check out your starting point. You shouldn't be ETOPS there.
  12. I've already deleted it...sorry. You should be able to pop in any flight plan you want and see how it acts. it's pretty blatant.
  13. PFPX just crashed on me a second time. In any case the ETOPS rules are not computing correctly either.
  14. One issue though is that you're not ETOPS for KZLC is the US...LOL. Not sure how it arrived at that.
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