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  1. I noticed a lot of CL problems, I will try on next weekend to list each of them.
  2. Hi on a flight A319 LSZH-LOWW on DESCNT phase, the message MCDUI3: CONFIGURE & START PUSHBACH Best regards Robert
  3. Hi, A lot of time, GSX push back is finished, Parking brakes are set, and the checklist is blocked FOLLOW GSX INSTRUCTIONS. Could you not provide a bypass right to the next step. And in general on every probleml on CL, it would be good to be able to bypass when blocked to choose what next step to continue. This is a problem when you are connected IVAO, for instance, and you have to finish all the flight without CL.
  4. I am sorry Rolf, my bad. I found one of the saved scenario with the "Default" case checked. You can close this ticket.
  5. Launching P3D after uninstalling the Airbus shows me that it failed to initialize the A319 Lufthansa (of my last comment)... There was perhaps a hidden default situation loaded at start time, that don't know how set or unset... After this screen I was on a black view of a vehicle with "No Preview Available". Then I changes the vehicle to everything else, and loading it without problem. But after a P3D restart, I get the same failed initialization message. Would you have any advice to fix this behavior ? Best regards Robert
  6. Thank you for your reply Rolf. When I start P3Dv4, that's already a weird thing: I am first in front of the A319 Lufthansa, the one I used last week just after the installation of the Aerosoft Airbuses to follow the step by step tutorial. Note that, before following the step by step tutorial, the loading was as required. Throughout the tutorial I saved some situations at some steps to be able to come back on them. I even loaded one of it, and I could remember that it was not very useful because a checklist problem I believe, I don't remember exactly. So this is after having done this step by step tutorial and these actions that I could not return on a normal loading of the ACFT STATE default which is well set on the MCDU. Even if my thrust levers are well on idle position, having chosen a A318 and another Airport, after loading, the thrust levers is on CLB with running engines, and of course the aircraft is moving forward. In the same time opening the Options MCDU, I can see a green COLD AND DARK STATE and a green DEF, as we can see on my last screenshot, which was set but not applied at loading time. If there is no other solution, this will be the ultimate thing to do... I will try But in my case, is there not a P3Dv4 issue with a "by default" situation loaded that I could clear any where? In case I will have to uninstall and reinstall P3Dv4 itself (hope I will not), is there a way to save now and reload after all custom settings, for any quadrant, yoke, pedals and buttons, as well as custom shortcut? I did it manually two week ago when I had to remove all and reinstall P3Dv4.3 after trying to upgrade from P3Dv4.2 and it was a very heavy work. Best regards
  7. Please, could you move this topic on Airbus pro 64bits? Thx
  8. Hi, To reproduce: On P3Dv4.3, take a A319, choose the APT & gate, on MCDU set default aircraft state to COLD DARK STATE, then quit P3D. On P3D again, take the same A319, on the same APT & gate, when loaded, the plane begin to cross the wall in front of it, the throttle is on CLB (middle), the black panels light up... this is not a C & D state. But showing the MCDU, there is well a green DEF in front of green COLD DARK STATE. If I select LSK1L the C& D state is loaded. I don't know why too, in my case after that, when I activate Checklist ON, the CL is inactive (not reseted from a past flight stopped on DESCENT part). Do you know how to reinit these states and CL,please? Best regards Robert
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