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  1. Is the AN-2 installed in the default location or a custom install location? I seem to recall an issue on another aircraft where problems like this arose from an entry in one of the xml files "pointing" to a file in its default installation location. Anyone who didn't use the default install path would have problems as the called file didn't exist in the location specified. A long shot, to be sure... this does sound strangely familiar though. Cheers, Birdy
  2. Yes I am. Right click to pull the setting knob, then mouse wheel to set the time, then left click to run. Hope this helps. Cheers, Jason
  3. Gentlemen: I appear to be struggling to set the flight deck clock in the AN-2 correctly. When adjusting the time, the minute hand sweeps 2 revolutions for each single revolution of the hour hand (i.e. 120 minutes per hour) and, once set and running, loses approximately 6 minutes for every game hour (the clock will have advanced approximately 54 minutes after 60 minutes of game time [from the P3d "World time and date"] has elapsed). Is there something I am doing wrong and/or any way to adjust this to accurate reflect Zulu time and proper time progression? Cheers, Jason Run on P3d v4.5, Win10.
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