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  1. Yes thank you guys, that's my path. I'm going to remove everything, delete the rogue folders and reinstall.
  2. Sorry ...just to say...my NavDataPro path is c:\users\public\public documents/PFPX Data\NavData\
  3. Thank you, I though so too, but where are those folders coming from? Am I safe to delete them, I thought Id better check here first.
  4. Hi folks A couple of days in and I can't get it, Win 7 with PFPX and NavDataPro. My issue is failing to move the Db past AS1302. I have cycle_info.txt from 2013 in c:\users\public\public documents/PFPX Data\NavData\ But...my cycle_info.txt from 09/2018 is in c:\users\public\public documents/PFPX Data\NavData\NavDataPro\NavDataPro\NavData\ Thank you for any advice you can give after multiple uninstalls, and multiple options taken.
  5. dubmike

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    I am a HUGE fan of AEROSOFT. I LOVE the products. As an owner of an online business I understand how difficult it is to satisfy all of the people all of the time, especially when 22% of the time a customer is being unreasonable. I recently ordered a something for prepar3D when I'm running FSX, I sent a naive email asking if it were possible to refund......no big deal....€20 or something....but the response I received was very very terse and defensive, accusatory even: "You ordered this thing and now it's wrong and you want to blame us for you making mistakes, read the wotsit next time before you buy something it will be better for us all" This instantly made me want to delete all Aerosoft products and leave you to your stress. BUT, I think that it's all lost in translation. Politeness is tough in a non mother tongue. In my company we pre-write the politeness in 16 languages into the email header and footer and then the responder just has to add the meat in the middle, it cuts down on repeated work and streamlines the typed responses. Comeback on the responses sent drop to 5%. So my suggestion for Aerosoft is to learn to be polite on a grand scale and save key personnel time.
  6. Thanks a lot Stephen!! Life is a lot better now, works a treat. Mike
  7. hi folks, I'm 6 months into my Aerosoft Airbus X, with NDP and PFPX. I have been flying FSX for a couple of years and have 200+ landings. Can someone point me to a learning resource?? My problem is that every single flight I plan has no STAR or approach....everything is straight in. Even if it's been in the flight plan and I've printed it out to follow it. Last legs are missing. EGSSLIPO is a case in point. It goes from TRA to LIPO and skips the 5 waypoints in the approach pattern. Thank you in advance, I'm enjoying learning and have already been a recipient of 100s of posts from experienced pilots here. Mike