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  1. Stop all this bickering! This is a Screenshot competition topic!
  2. Here's my shot. The title Military Might would suit this one. Good Luck all.
  3. Ok i put some thought into this ignore my last post about engineers a what ever i put. Instead what about Airshows, A.I. aircraft doing airshows and ourselfs being apart of it putting on a show of our own then watching the rest of the show. I thought of this whilst i was at The Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford this weekend. So what's everyones opinion on this.
  4. I don't know if this has already been requested but what about ramp handlers actually loading the aircraft with bags/cargo. If the aircraft has a mechinical fault engineers are called out and work on the aircraft and fix it or if its to big of a problem the flight is cancelled/delayed or you have to choose another aircraft.
  5. Yes defo need an Aerosoft Mega Airport Manchester with AES you'll have my vote
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