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  1. It crashes on my computer as well here are my answers to them 1) where do you have FSX installed = default /program files path 2) what windows are you using? = Windows XP 3) are you logged on with administrator rights? Yes 4) did you changed anything regarding User Account Control (UAC) on your system? No? Hope this helps.
  2. yeah ok it is every model and no other planes in my FSX Are affected. i have installed FSX in the default path and all the instruments are on? I have Windows XP, don't know if that would have made a difference but I highly doubt it. Thanks Joachim
  3. When I start flying the Glider I start in 3D Cockpit and then I do a walk around of the aircraft, I then try to come back into Virtual Cockpit and then Flight Simulator X crashes to Desktop and I have no idea what to do! please can anyone help me! Thanks Aaron Walker
  4. WOW! REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS. Are we going to be able to make cable breaks and all of that nonsense? thanks, and I cant wait till this comes out thanks soo much!
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