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  1. You can try to find this sound file, if you don't have the file in folder, you try reinstall the product and should fix the problem. Regards. José A Montiel
  2. Negative, after update continue without work the radar terrain. Regards.
  3. For example, *Missing terrain radar map * LNAV problem, always turning over center line of route * Some CTD's during FMS manipulation * Landing gear Horn Mute switch doesn't work * Flaps,terrain GPWS switch are animated whitout fuction. * MB to HPA representation in PFD Between others minor issues. Regards
  4. Maybe, your money and my money worth less than a MFS2020 user.🧐🧐🤔🙄 Regards,
  5. I totally agree with you in each of your words, we think the same, hopefully they will at least give us some information. Regards.
  6. I saw it the post, I appreciate your interest, The current manual is fictitious because there are many systems that the manual defines and the plane doesn't have simulated such as the audio warning panel, landing gear horn, gnd prox warning deactivation and a long etc. I worked IRL at the crj as a maintenance engineer, the "answer" in the manual doesn't work for me.😁 Regards!
  7. Exactly I think the same, but I would like the developer to give some information about why it stopped working in the latest update! Regards. José A. Montiel
  8. Hello, Yesterday I updated the CRJ to version and terrain representation in MFD doesnt work. I tried in LOWI, and nothing. Pushing RDR/TERR button WX work fine but terrain no. Is It a bug confirmed? Regards. Jose A ntonio Montiel
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