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  1. The bus is amazing! Congratz on the type rating! I'm currently starting Flight School!
  2. haha, you should have seen my first landing...
  3. Where do you see that you get a discount?
  4. I love it! But i was one of them who bought the babybus alone becouse i could not wait for the bundle but now the bundle is out? really? no discount or something? I could have saved money but nooo
  5. When i deactivate the files, the taxi appron turns to grass. this is a real mess.
  6. Deactivating Orbx bgls worked, but only removed the airport buildings, now the default airport vehicles are still there. Any solution?
  7. I did not know that you had to do that, never done that before but i will try and come back with results! Delete the files or deactivate? How do you deactivate?
  8. What i mean with overlapping is that i can see a small section of Bergen X with defaul scenery. Airport Buildings.
  9. Hey I have been searching for a solution everywhere. Stil cant findt one. I have a lot of Aerosoft addons, some of the addons do not have overlapping but airports like Torp X and Bergen X has overlapping. I use ORBX Global, LC, VECTOR and FTX Norway. I also have REX and Ulitmate Traffic Live. All the payware airport addons are on top on scenery libary.
  10. First flight i had the propeller was not there, but now its there all the time. how do i close the thing? The plane is CRJ900
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