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  1. Well I am happy to hear that you issue has been resolved....however, me as the initiator of this thread still have had no success. Still waiting on a response from the ticket I created also.
  2. That's a great a question that I cannot I entered a ticket and will see what the response will be.
  3. I am still having issues updating the A330.....I tried the following: 1. Uninstall the A330, 2. Reboot 3. Redownload the A330 (important) 4. Disable Computer Security, 5. Run the installer as Admin, 6. Reboot. 7. Run the AS Updater as Admin, ensure Experimental Updates is selected, and update the A330. and yet still cannot seems to get the installed aircraft updated. Any additional advice would be helpful. Version after update is still reading as Version with the program folder.
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