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    This is a club about Aerosoft's CRJ!

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    Discussion and events for Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck. Sponsored by the Online Virtual Pilots Association (OVPA), who has been promoting shared cockpit with developers and within the community for 12+ years. The small group of OVPA members have over 12,000 hours of shared cockpit flight time, have worked with several different developers on creating and testing shared cockpit capable aircraft and provided support for customers. Membership in this group does not constitute membership in OVPA, but members of this group can ask questions directly of OVPA members, learn more about shared cockpit flying, and participate in OVPA open shared cockpit events on VATSIM.

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    Let Ted

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    This is a flooded regions club

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    - Swiss nine two, contact Departure 125.95, bye bye. - Contact Departure, Swiss nine two. tschüß

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