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  1. Hi everyone, I am having yet another problem in Airbus X. Basically, I cannot tune any frequency with any radio or navigation device. They are "locked" onto the frequencies 118:00 (COM) and 108:00 (NAV). This makes performing an autoland and talking to ATC impossible. When I change frequencies, the frequency changes for about a second, then reverts back to the "locked" frequency. Even changing the frequencies in the MCDU doesn't work - Although the frequency appears to have changed (new frequency appears in the "ILS" MCDU entry), it is infact still locked at 108:00 according to the electronic flight displays. Everything is set up as it should. Windows 7, 64-Bit, FSX SP2, Airbus X 1.22 Regards, Jack
  2. Hi Shaun, I did try that... And it sort've works. You see, theres some sort of bug somewhere, I don't know if it's FSX or Airbus X or not. I am using two joystick devices. One, the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, PURELY for thr throttle. Secondly, the ST290 Pro, PURELY for the elevator and aileron control. I also have rudder pedals which handle the rudder input. Even though the ST290 Pro's throttle axis is assigned to NOTHING (at all), it still controls Airbus X's throttle. I can get the throttles to move this way, but I don't want to use the ST290s axis. In short, why is the ST290 controlling the throttle if it is not assigned to do so? Jack:)
  3. Hi everone, I have Airbus X, version 1.22, installed on FSX SP2, Windows 7 64-Bit. I have Registered FSUIPC at my disposal, should I need to use it. My Problem? Basically, the cockpit levers are completely unresponsive. No matter what the position of my real-life Saitek Quadrant, the Airbus X's VC Throttle Levers stay completely locked in the Idle position. Occasionally, the Engines will react to my throttle levers perfectly, but the VC levers will remain stationary (ie Engines Power up but throttle remains in Idle). This makes flight near impossible, as I cannot move the levers into any detents like CLB, etc. Furthermore, even with the Autothrottle Engaged, the throttles will still not move, indicating that the AT system itself is struggling to move the levers. Please do not suggest a reinstall. I have reinstalled it three times; Twice I uninstalled and then reinstalled, and the third time my PC crashed, requiring a complete reinstall of Windows 7 64-Bit. FSX & Airbus X were installed on top of a fresh W7 64-Bit installation in other words. There is nothing physically wrong with my throttles, they work with all other add-ons. I cannot even use the PGup PGdown controls on my keyboard to control the Airbus X throttle. Any suggestions? Intel i7 920 Overclocked 3.80GHz, 6GB 1500MHz Tri-Channel RAM, nVidia GTX285 Graphics Card. Kind regards, Jack:)
  4. This is EXACTLY the problem I'm having. This IS a glitch. When you are in manual control, they power up, but they do not move VISUALLY in the VC. This makes it impossible to engage the AP, as we cannot move into detents like CLB, etc. Correct? This needs to be fixed.
  5. Hello everyone, I am having a strange problem with the A300. The N1 switch keeps rapidly vibrating on and off, casuing the THR OFF annunciator to keep lfashing and a loud alarm to keep beeping. I've tried playing with Aircraft states, loading the cessna first; everything. Something is casuing the n1 switch to rapidy move up and down. Any ideas? Jack
  6. Hello there, The aircraft is still unflyable. After a re-installation I am still having the throttle problems. I have tried configuring with (registered) FSUIPC too... No luck. The VC throttle does not respond whatsoever to my throttle, despite the fact that N1 on both engines clearly rises. Jack
  7. Hi Guys, Yes you're correct. I have a saitek Pro Flight Quadrant and it controls the aircraft's engines fine. I can move from full to idle without any problems and reverse is also no hassle. HOWEVER, no matter what I do, the levers in the FSX Virtual Cockpit stay in the idle position. In other words, I have full throttle control, but my VC and "real-life" throttles disagree. I tried pushing AND pulling the ALT knob; no real difference.
  8. Any ideas? This problem is quite critical; I cannot climb with Autothrottle engaged.
  9. Hi everyone, I am following the tutorial flight but am having some major problems. Firstly, after takeoff, I cannot engage the autothrottle. I have to completely manually manage the throttles in the climb. Also, the Virtual Cockpit throttles do not move at all ,despite the fact that my hardware throttle is clearly causing changes in N1, EGT, etc. Secondly, after engaging the AP after takeoff, the Aircraft starts to decend into the ground. This was the AP Panel at the time of both incidents listed above: Furthermore, I'm getting black splashes on the udnerside of my AC: Thank you very much, Jack
  10. Okay I have some information from ES. Basically, since there is only one scenery.cfg file, and there are many different types of Autogen to be loaded from it, there is inevitably conflict. It is because the ES installer wants the Maldives to use one type of Autogen, but Maldives X is disagreeing and wants to use a different type. Regardless of all this however, I have found a simple fix. I keep the Earth Simulations Autogen permenently disabled, until I want to fly in that area. Jack
  11. Hello everyone, recently due to scenery issues I've had to shuffle the scenery library around a bit. Just wondering, what out of these two following entries should appear HIGHER in the library? "Aerosoft AFD" or "Aerosoft AES" Thanks alot, Jack
  12. Hi there, As a cockpit builder myself I would like to see proper support for the IOCards of Opencockpits. Most cockpit builders use these cards, are are supported by FS2004 and FSX. Furthermore, control assignments for EVERY control is always fantastic. It eliminates the need to create FSUIPC Offsets or Macros. For example, I want to see a control assignment for Left IRS Mode Selector "OFF" position, that's how detailed. Jack
  13. Hiya Thore, thanks for your reply. Is there anything at all unique about the Maldives X product that may be causing the conflict apart from the "Dense placed Autogen"? The reason I ask is because my Orbx scenery does not seem to mind the ES products, no conflict there. Is there anything that Maldives X has to have in the scenery.cfg which the ES product may have changed? Thanks very much for your help, I know this is a bit awkward. Jack
  14. Hi Shaun, Earth Simulations have pointed me towards the Autogen. I have manually disabled the Autogen and everything works fine, but when re-enabled Maldives X no longer works. Does Maldives X do anything to the FSX Autogen Folders? Thanks, Jack
  15. Any ideas? I can't use the scenery at all. Not even a reinstall has worked.
  16. Hello everyone, I have been using maldives X fine now for the past few weeks, but all of a sudden I have hit a problem. Basically, I can select freely any destination within FSX. However, if I select any destination within the Maldives I immediately get a FSX crash. I don't even have to load or go to the destination - Just selecting it within the FSX menu is enough to make it crash. The only thing I have done since I last used FSX was install the "Earth Simulations" FSX Isles of Scilly Scenery. Now, before we point the blame at this newly installed add-on, consider that fact that I can still use ANY FSX airport in the world, it's just the Maldives X Airprots which are crashing. Also, the FSX error window points to some files installed in my "Temp" folder. However, these files seem to bear no relation whatsoever to FSX. Any ideas? I'm using the latest version with SP2, Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks alot, Jack
  17. My entry: A Tiger Moth Sideslipping into the midst of Katoomba, over the power lines. A deadly but exiciting combination!
  18. Hey Peter, Not sure but you may want to check out the in-development REX2 addition of Cloud Shadows. They're doing very well, you may want to contact them saying you're developing a non-commercial product and would like to see their tech , etc. Not really bothered though a CumulusX works a treat regardless. Jack
  19. Hey there, I'll glady try it for your Albert. What livery is it? Jack
  20. Hi there, Yes CumulusX clouds are meant to prudce shadows.
  21. Heya everyone, I am considering purchasing the CDU mentioned in the title. - Have the problems with FullScreen been fixed with this product? - An I right in thinking that literally, it goes into the DVI port & ALL necessary cables are included? - Are there any other issues/things I should know before purchasing this product? Thanks very much, Jack
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