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  1. last November when my aerosoft airbus x destroyed itself and lost almost all its files the navdatapro stopped working. but I have navdatapro and in the dlc page in steamapps/common/fsx/dlc/500201/aerosoft/Airbus_Fallback/NavDataPro folder the nav data files and other stuff is there even the PROC folder, in the cycle.txt it says 1511,15OCT11NOV/15,1510,17SEP14OCT/15 is there any issue with my navdatapro thing I purchased the airbus from the dlc page on steam and it worked fine until November and it still has problems Kind regards Jacob Huber
  2. im having the same problem cant find the problem
  3. I have a video of the issue here it is: This was recorded by me using my cellphone so don't mind the distance from the monitor and the shaking
  4. I think this is a huge problem. Because the adirs is off the airplane can not read any airport like when I put in the route egll/eham for example and I go to put the waypoints in none of the waypoints exist the plane says even the airports.
  5. no need to I managed to fix the freezing and stopping bit but it has developed a new issue where there are lights that are uninteractive that say off like the adirs and the copilot does not do the checklist and it says its missing sharedconfig.cfg and the editor wont work
  6. I can't remember but I think I did update my pc one time because the version was outdated and I don't think that did it and I also uninstalled files from other games that were not needed
  7. Nothing I have not changed anything I've tried uninstalling the airbuses and installing them again but no luck And the issue is only on my aerosoft airbuses
  8. When I load into FSX with the aerosoft airbus selected the aircraft loads in and it's freezing ever few seconds then it moves a frame and then freezes again. I'm running the recommended settings for it I've uninstalled and reinstalled them several times, I've tried getting help from the internet but it came up as inconclusive. Is there a way to fix this problem if so how I want to be able to use the aerosoft airbus again please any thing helps. Oh also the game says I'm getting like 40 fps but it freezezls for a while then moves even with 40 fps. This issue started 1 day ago. I need lots of help this is my favorite addon.
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