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  1. the error is caused fot the KERNELLBASE.DLL :(
  2. Hi sir, tomorrow i will try with th PMDG 747 the sim automatically close the error that say the event viewer say that the problem could come from the Kernellbase.dll Active sky new version BETA,P3DV4.5 hotfix 3,Rex sky force 5(only for sky textures),FTX GLOBAL,OPENLC EUROPE OPEBLC AMERICA.FTX VECTOR I have all updated all drivers,windows etc
  3. Hi to everyone,i have a problem with the 330 Professional in P3DV4 hotfix3 and the last version of the aerosoft 330 installed.When I want to fly the 330 I prepared normal in ground etc.But when i reach cruise level after 2h and 30 mins crash my sim and is really annoying i reinstall all my P3D and didnt solved anything,Please help thanks. PC especifications: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 1050 ti 4gb Disk:crucial ssd 500gb only for P3D RAM:8gb Motherboard:MSI b450m pro
  4. Hi to everyone i just bougth the A330 and when im loading the fuel on the third fmc i click fuel to load,but later i click instant and my aircraft in all flight is refueling and a have infinite fuel,but on the PERF page puts me the real fuel that i will have on the arrival the other issue i have its thath when i land my LDG its like they didnt touch the runway and i have to put slew and later realise slew mode to solve it how i can fixed??
  5. hello everyone,i have a problem with my autopilot specifically with the HDG my aircraft move only in one direction and don´t follow the route please help me.
  6. Airbus 319 CFM Iberia por favor
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