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I'm a Quality Control inspector in Plano, Texas, USA. I do most of my flying in my Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver out of Ketchikan Alaska. I enjoy Bush flying in Alaska, Canada and in the Caribean. I also love Helicopters and am trying to learn to fly them in flightsimulator. Still having trouble landing. Just can't seam to get the hang of it. I plan on modifying my Saitek Joystick for flying choppers. I am also planing to build a PC from scratch strickly for flightsimulation. I have the Saitek Pro Joystick and Throttle, A Saitek Yoke and Throttle, and CH peddels. I mainly fly in FS9. But I also have FSX. I like the detail in FSX, but still do most of my flying in FS9. I have the Tongas Fjords and Misty Fjords scenery addons. I enjoy flying some of the missions. But mainly just freefly exploring the scenery. I also enjoy flying my Challenger Ultralight in FS9.
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