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  1. Hi guys, I just saw an article on FSElite regarding the CPDLC inclusion of the A330. The author also shows a changelog of fixes, improvements or new features. One point: Improvement: Disabled the function where toe brakes automatically released the parking brake This note brought me to the idea of testing the CFD brake issue which is still up-to-date for me and a friend, trying our best to get the A330 up in the air in one cockpit (We do both not own rudder pedals). Good thing is that obviously, the problem of not beeing able to release the parkingbrake once it is set has be
  2. Thanks a lot for your action! Ready for the BER opening :)
  3. Hi guys, another question concerning the BER scenery: As I have seen in this post, there were SODE files available for EDDB on the limesim website. Unfortunately, this site seems to be down as it does not open up. Any other possibility to get the files? Kind regards
  4. Hello, as you might know, in a few weeks, finally, Berlin Brandenburg Airport aka. BER will be starting its operations. The Aerosoft Schonefeld scenery already includes most of the new terminals and aprons. However, some further changes, such as constructing new aprons or buildings, were made after the scenery was released few years ago. Right now, for the BER opening on 31st October, are you going to release any updates, finishing the final airport structures in the outdated scenery, or did you plan to manage it for the future? Thanks in advance! Kind regards
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