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  1. Hi Moshe, Does it still happen if you don't press the left red button in EZCA for random head movement effects? Also, in TIR do you have 'TrueView' disabled when using EZCA (it should be disabled). Furthermore, you could post on the EZCA forum at www.simforums.com/forums and see if anyone else has experienced this issue with EZCA and TIR. Chris
  2. Hi Moshe, Have you tried just using TIR in FSX (just kill EZCA after it launches)? Do you have your framerate locked or set to unlimited. I would try locking it at 30fps, and see if that helps. Lastly, are you using the latest version of the EZCA and TIR software? Chris
  3. Howard, Good stuff! Glad the issue is finally resolved, I was running out of ideas!! Have a good weekend in Stuttgart X! Chris
  4. I've just checked Vilnius X, which is one of my addons with .blob extensions and it appears ok. I have no .blob extensions with Stuttgart X and it is ok, yet you do and the scenery doesn't load. It is hard to make sense of this issue. Chris
  5. What frame rate have you set? I've found Unlimited can stress your system more than having it set at say 30fps. Chris
  6. This is pure madness. I've just done a search on my system for .blob files and several have appeared against aerosoft addons (though not Stuttgart). It's obviously an Aerosoft thing, and typically this sort of thing is done to effectively 'turn off' a particular scenery file, say if you have a couple of alternative files that could be used. I do think this is linked to the launcher as my .blob files are associated with new sceneries. I would try uninstalling the launcher or first of all, after a fresh install, say no to the launcher, don't let it do it's bit. From a post of Mathijs' I read elsewhere the scenery will still work without the launcher. Chris
  7. Also, what does your texture folder contents look like? Chris
  8. Ok. Due to the .blob issue I doubt the uninstaller will remove the files correctly. Run the uninstaller again. After doing so, go to your installation folder and make sure the Stuttgart X folder and sub folders have been deleted. Then reinstall. You should at least have a fresh set of files to work with. Chris
  9. Perhaps. However, a backup of the scenery folder would be sufficient. I have the scenery installed and working and the files like all others should have the extension .bgl As far as I'm aware regards scenery, .bgl is the only extension FSX will recognise. Unless the files are corrupt, changing the extension to solely .bgl will resolve the issue. My suspicion is that the Launcher is responsible for the .blob issue. Chris
  10. Hi. No, the files should just be .bgl E.g myfile.bgl Just right click on the file and 'rename'. Just delete .blob. You will get a warning that you are going to change a file extension. Accept and make the change. Sorry I wasn't clearer earlier. Don't worry about the AES files for now, that can be sorted later. Chris
  11. Have you tried renaming the .blob extension so it just reads .bgl? Also, are you using AES? FSX will only read .bgl files. For whatever purpose the .blob has been added to deactivate the files. This could have something to do with the launcher. Removing the .blob should make the scenery work fine. Chris
  12. You mentioned not having many tweaks in your .cfg file, which is good. However, do you have: [Graphics] Highmemfix = 1 I think it goes in the Graphics section IIRC. Chris
  13. Ok. Next I'd suggest trying to eliminate your scenery. Firstly, I'd try flying the route using default scenery. So turn off all Addon scenery (leave the GEX textures installed to save hassle). This includes deactivating UTX, which can easily be done through their utility. Another thing, it may be worth doing the flight without programming the FMC to see if it's a case of bad navdata. Gradually turn scenery back on until the problem occurs, and this should help pin point the source of the problem. As this happens in different locations, I'm thinking UTX or navdata are the likely issue.... Chris
  14. Hi Julien, In my experience g3d.dll errors are graphics related. You have a good system, but still with FSX if some of your slider settings are too high, like scenery density and autogen, it can cause issues. One area in which, I've had success in reducing such errors is to set the water down to Low or Med 1.x. Maybe just try that first of all and see if it makes a difference. There can be numerous reasons for such .dll errors, even down to corrupt graphics files that can't be read. A graphics driver reinstall could be another solution.... Chris
  15. Volker, I have found that I can get V9.0 FL in planning phase to work correctly if I do not use SID/STAR. But, when I use SID/STAR in V9.0 FL in planning phase does not function correctly. There is no limit on the FL I can set. Regards, Chris
  16. Ok. I can see your problem now. It is those bgl.blob files. Make a copy of the scenery folder. Then rename all the .bgl.blob files to .bgl That should then solve your problem. Any that say .off I would not change. I've attached a screenshot of my folder below.
  17. It looks like you have the photo base of the scenery. Have you checked in the scenery folder to ensure the .bgl files have installed there? By my count you should have 68 .bgl files in the folder. Also scan your FSX drive(s) for EDDS and just make sure any files that come up are associated with the Aerosoft product. Chris
  18. Hi Volker, I think we have had a communication problem. I now understand your explanation. My problem is that FL in the planning phase in V9.0 Build:16-03-2011 does not function the same as FL in the planning phase in V8.6. FL in V8.6 would only allow Odd flight level if your track was eastbound i.e. FL310, FL330 etc. And would only allow Even flight level if your track was westbound i.e. FL300, FL320 etc. V9.0 will allow any FL with no restriction on flying East or West. Also, it gives a start FL of FL340 every time, which may be too high for a short flight. This function is not the same between V8.6 and V9.0. I hope that is a little clearer. Chris
  19. Hi Volker, Thanks for the explanation. I must say it is disappointing to see an important aspect of flight planning dropped from the feature list. I will have to go back to doing those calculations by hand. Though, of course I do have the option of going back to version 8.6. Chris
  20. No, you didn't misunderstand me. As a manual installation didn't work, it occurred to me that you may have multiple entries in your scenery.cfg from your previous attempts. Hopefully Shaun's post will help you if it has been an issue with the launcher/installer. Chris
  21. Volker, Thanks for the reply. I had missed that section when I looked at the manual. So, it seems there is now no option to be given an optimal flight level or at least be told that your flight should be odd or even? Unless I'm still missing something it seems the functionality has been changed in favour of presenting an arc. As I use mainly FMC based aircraft this is of little importance to me. Is it possible to put this previous feature back in please? Chris
  22. Hmm.... This is strange. Is there any reason why you have put the scenery in the addon scenery folder? By default Stuttgart X should install to the following (or similar) G:\Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\German Airports 1 - Stuttgart X Check your scenery.cfg file: Go to the following path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and open your scenery.cfg file in a text editor like Notepad. Do a search for 'stuttgart' and hopefully you should find an entry similar to the following: [Area.465] Title=Stuttgart X Active=TRUE Layer=465 Required=FALSE Local=Aerosoft\German Airports 1 - Stuttgart X Your area number will be different and I wouldn't suggest changing it. Check that 'Local =' is pointing at where you have installed the scenery. Also check that you don't have multiple entries for Stuttgart X in your scenery.cfg as this could cause problems. Have you used any freeware Stuttgart sceneries or installed 3rd party AFCAD files that could be conflicting? Chris
  23. Hi, With version 8.6 of FSC it used to given you the correct flight level (odd/even depending on direction) when you created a high level flight plan. I haven't been able to get version 9 to do this, and quite often when I click on the flight level to change it, the value goes to 0. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug? Chris
  24. Hi Howard, Although Stuttgart is showing at the top of the library, it may be worth clicking on 'Edit' and checking that the path to the scenery (where is was installed) is correct. You could also delete the scenery library entry and add it manually. That should ensure your scenery library is being updated. Chris
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