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  1. Hi. Do you have any 3rd party meshes installed like FS Global? I know with that product it has a specific mesh for Maderia that will conflict and you need to deactivate it (which can be done by renaming the file in the FS Global 'Local' folder). Chris
  2. I agree with Matt. Memory is a good thing if you require it. I can use around 8GB of RAM due to the addons I run with FSX. But the number of sticks of memory limits my overclock potential. I can't provide enough voltage to keep the memory stable with any higher an overclock than I currently have, not without putting the CPU at risk with high temps anyway. Chris
  3. The Wire? Don't follow the rugby but heard they're on their way to Wembley so can't be bad! Chris
  4. I think the discount only applies to the boxed version. Chris
  5. Hi. Before clicking the executable have you tried right clicking on it and selecting 'Run As Administrator'? Also do you have 'User Account Control' turned on in Win7? Chris
  6. Hi Felix. I worked on the original Airbus X beta (and currently the Extended version). It's been a while since I've used Autoland, but if I remember correctly: 1) Ensure you are 7-10nm from the airport. 2) Approach from a 45 degree angle and be below the glide slope. 3) AP1 should be on. Press the LOC button before intercepting the localised. 4) Once the GS indicator moves down to the centre position press APPR. 5) Now Press AP2 and it should supply DUAL on the PFD. Note that AP2 will not engage with AP1 at the same time unless both the localiser and glide slope are established wi
  7. Hi. VoxATC doesn't appear in 'Add Ons', it is accessed through the 'Views' menu and should appear as a cockpit view IIRC. Chris
  8. I think it would confuse things as customers may regard the relabelled product as a new or updated version. Personally, I would use your new naming convention only on new products going forwards. What has passed has passed. Chris
  9. I'm sure Shaun will pick this up and forward the issue to the developers if there are no other obvious solutions. I've tried a few things but it does look like the texture hasn't been assigned to the model. Chris
  10. I have checked my version and I have found that I too have the same issues at EDQT. Chris
  11. Great screenshots and good to hear the Lightning is a good addon. I like the last line of your sig. YNWA
  12. Hello Florian. Do you have 'User Account Control' in Win7 disabled? If not this can cause issues with files being installed correctly. Additionally did you right-click the installer and select 'Run as Administrator'? Trying the above may help to resolve your issues. Chris
  13. Reina Sofia would certainly be a welcome addition. Chris
  14. Hi. I had this frustrating problem too: Go to your FDC folder and run the following: PFE_V312_System.exe & Sysinfo_inst.exe This should solve your problem. Took me a long time to figure out. Chris
  15. Henk. No, a faster CPU will not address the issues. You say you understand it's all about the VAS, but clearly not as unfortunately the CPU would not address this. Simply put, with a 32bit program like FSX you'll have a maximum of around 4GB VAS. You can't make it any more. FSX, your addon plans, your photoscenery, clouds etc. will all eat into this 4GB VAS limit. Once it gets consumed you get an OOM. So, as you've found removing the photoscenery prevents the OOM as you are staying with the VAS limit. With today's heavy addons you sometimes have to compromise. Reducing your slider
  16. Looking at Aerosofts update section 1.01 is a fix for the AFCAD and PAPI lights. So 1.10 should be the main file and 1.01 the fix. Hope that's of some help and yes they should make it clearer! Chris
  17. I only have the boxed version of this. Could well be one is FSX and the other is FS9. I would guess that the larger file is the FSX version. Perhaps download both and have a look at the content before installing. Chris
  18. Possibly. If FS Genesis has a Scenery Library entry try disabling it and see if it makes a difference. Also make sure Larnaca is above any FS Genesis entry. Finally, you could try different Mesh Resolution settings and see if this makes a difference. Chris
  19. Are you using any 3rd party mesh products? Chris
  20. Hi. It should definitely be in FSX. Have you looked it up in FSX using the Airport ID; in this case EDDN? Chris
  21. Have you looked in your FSX folder for a uninstall.exe specific to Innsbruck? If you get really stuck you could use the crude method of deleting the Approaching Innsbruck entry from the Scenery Library and then deleting the Approaching Innsbruck folder under FSX/Aerosoft (or your equivalent directly). For a scenery product that should get rid of most if not all of the files. Chris
  22. As Shaun has said, you need to edit the aircraft.cfg of the aircraft you are flying. In the section for your airline you need to add: atc_parking_types = GATES atc_parking_codes = xyz Where xyz is the 3 letter code of the airline. You can find this by using google. It corresponds to the gate codes in the AFCAD. Chris
  23. Hi. I think that would be difficult to tie in, or rather some work involved as AES would have to be familiar with each addon aircraft and read the LUA variables, assuming they exist. It depends on your perspective. Ground crew saying to the captain 'Cleared to taxi' only means the push back truck has been removed to me. Taxi clearance is only given by the ground controller once the pilot has made the call. So engine start does not need to be completed by the time AES finishes. Chris
  24. Automation dll errors often occur when you try and access the FSX menu. Some have suggested a fix when using Win7 IIRC. Personally, I've always found the issue when being too eager to access the menu; take it slow yields better results. Also, referring to a previous post. Don't confuse system RAM and video RAM. Totally different. Often, with the OS video RAM is shared with the system RAM. This can apparently have an impact. But not that I've seen. Chris
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