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  1. Ok so airbus will never give me a stall warning, and the .wav sound file its just there. Again thank you for support, and excuse me for be hard to make me understand.
  2. Let me know if I understand... When I try to stall the Airbus stall protection is enable and for that reason it doesnt give me any warning. And even if fsx or prepar give me their "stall warning" the airbus is still not stalling. So my question is, why should I do to make my airbus stall correctly, thank you for support.
  3. Okay, first I tried to make the aoa too high (at the limits), trying to loose speed (and fsx give me its stall warning[not airbus])
  4. Coming to that... The point is... I just didnt think about it, yes you are right its not a good idea to post speaking of "Ilegal version of the plane", I think I was so stupid to say that,,
  5. Okay, I am sorry, check out those pictures to make you sure I am not a ilegal user. Its a bit hard to explain when youre just 13 and you are not using your own leaguague (whatever it spells) Anyway, coming back to the point... I tried several times to fix it but I coudnt. Thank you for try to help me (:
  6. I know this is NOT necessary but I really hate when people could think things about me that is not correct... So (just if you think I am ilegal people... Here you have these pictures..
  7. And my question is... DOES the sound works in your FSX? or it is just me.. I didnt know If you or me wasnt cleared Thanks...
  8. Why? Because I moded some sounds, and MAYBE I did something I didnt got to...And for that reason the .wav sounds didnt work.. And I wanted to make me SURE that it was not the installation... I dont know NOTHING about how plugins/mods/add-ons works, so I just tried that, Thats all..
  9. YES, WHY SHOUDNT I EXPECT HELP IF I HAVE BOUGHT THE PLANE? The really problem of the pirates products are that people didnt pay for that BUT I DID
  10. Wait wait... I HAVE BOUGHT IT, Why cant I just CHECK a simple thing? Do you even want me to show you that I did it? Is that what you want???
  11. Hi again, I got a question about the "stall.wav" in the airbus sounds. is it me or thereĀ“s no stall alert yet? I was trying to stall my plane several times and it never has worked. So then I download a ilegal version to look if that was solved...but nop. For some reason it does not work for me. Is it on the fsx? or why is that .wav sound file there?
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