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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering if there is any description of the format for the SID/STARs, I kinda figured out the meaning of some of the values, but some other values are just confusing. I was trying to make one for an airport that has been closed for years, and couldn't find any navdata of it anywhere. Thanks
  2. This happened at around five hours after airborne, the aircraft start climbing on its own, from FL360 to a max of 47176 feet, while the speed was stable. Then after a short while, the speed was dropped to 152kts from 301kts, as shown in the screen shot below, and the altitude was dropped to 23364 feet. It all happened while I was sleeping, and this was not the first time the aircraft behaving like this. The aircraft's AT was still on CLB when I woke up, and the FPS was really low(5-10 fps).
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