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  1. I run AESHelp and as the FSX is runing to active airport . I see a message Aircraft not correct configured! Please start AESHelp to set Parameter! I try to Set Aircraft parameter from AESHelp and i see a message to start AESConfig.exe . I sart AESConfig.exe and there is a red point and say Disconnected . I try to set aircraft parameters and i see a message Error while connectingFlightsim.Please start FS and place aircraft on active AES airport .
  2. Hello , I try to use AES with Fslabs A320 but i resieve a message that say to run AesHelp . AES is working perfect with A320 of Aerosoft .
  3. Hello can i have Aegean Liverie for Airbus A320/A321 ? 

  4. i didn't try with other planes only with Airbuses .
  5. I change from a320 to a320 wih different liverie. Yes the crash happenning with every combination .
  6. i run fsx and after i try to change a airport i choosed one and after i had the crash . I run it agian and try to change an aerolpane i choosed one and after i had th crash . After that i uninstall FSXWX but FSX crash. If i dont try to change the airport or the plane i notice that the rudder pedals and the yoke aren't working .
  7. I have FSX acceletation edition, Aerosoft A320/A321 v1.31 and i install FSXWX . This are the reports that i made with appcrashview . Help !!!!!!!!!!! bex.txt appcrash.txt
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