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  1. I went back to the old version of Windows 10 and that did the trick. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have tried that but it did not seem to work. It was working about 2 weeks ago but then when I came back from holiday it stopped working.
  3. Yes, I have updated as well to try to fix the problem, so it is completely up to date.
  4. Hello, When I start PFPX it works fine until it goes into full screen and then it looks like it is crashing when it tries to Synchronize data. The program crashes and closes itself. I have tried to download and retry to open it 5 times now but it does not seem to work. How do I solve this problem? Please Reply, Victor
  5. Hello, I have just downloaded the flight planner and recieved the email with the activation code. But when I put the activation code into the program it seems as if it is to short as I can not press the continue button. How do I solv this problem? Best regards, Victor