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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. ok great...thanks for replying so fast. have a good weekend 🙂
  2. How does the ND screen pop out like the PFD screen does? I read in the forums this was being implemented for the A330 then rolling over to the A320 when that is updated in the future. Was this one of the things that were not ready on release? I don't remember seeing it noted in the release notes. I'd just like to add my thanks to everyone at Aerosoft for the A330! it really is very very very good!
  3. This is happening to me also. After the update I this morning it started doing this. Never happened before. I am following normal procedure in regards to the checklists and GSX2. Other than that it is awesome! Absolutely awesome!
  4. I also am getting this. A330 1.5 hours into flight. Turning the check list off makes it stop if it get too annoying (which it does), but obviously not ideal having no checklist. I am sure they'll fix it.
  5. Qantas please https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8407446
  6. If your purchasing through the Aerosoft website and have a discount voucher/ID from a previous A320 family purchase, make sure you add it before checking out. When I purchased the A320 pro having already had the A320 in P3dv3, I couldn't find the area in which to enter the serial key anywhere on their website after searching many many times, thinking it must of been in the last page at check out I clicked checkout and they charged me the full price, I asked if they would offer a refund of the difference I was told bluntly it was my fault and not theirs (sadly it was like talking to a brick wall if I am honest) so they refused. Kind of spoilt the experience somewhat.
  7. So what are peoples first flights going to be? Toulouse to Frankfurt for me after some testing of my own! Thanks to all who are putting in all the work on this....we all appreciate it and cannot wait for release!
  8. Exit 3 L&R is an emergency exit, there are two types of exits at this location available from Airbus, a full sized exit door (usually found on the -300) and the smaller sized exit door (usually found on the -200) depending on what the airline chooses when they place their order. Difference in cost is significant.
  9. It happened in the extended version as well. This has to be one of the most annoying features of this product. No I mean it is the most single annoying feature of this product (and not realistic at all) and the update that fixes it will be heaven sent! I am glad your working on. Hopefully it will be fixed.
  10. aplong

    ND pop up

    Thanks for the reply. Can you please explain how to do this? And is a 2D pop up something you are looking at implementing? It would be great appreciated if this could be done,
  11. aplong

    ND pop up

    As far as I know the ND never had a 2D pop up though I so wish they would do this. I find it hard to believe they would develop it for the PFD and not ND. It is very difficult to read the ND, especially for flight planning etc.
  12. I had this happen as well. On climb out after initiating the go around I switch on the auto pilot. This for me at least started the checklists. I found this by trial and error so hope this may help
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