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  1. All freewares.. Etendard and Fouga by RoyaleFrenchNavy developer team + AICarriers with Clemencaeu textures
  2. But when you move throttle back to idle ... Arm spoilers again not working...just click back to orginal position.
  3. When i switched off APU BLEED ...this message disapeard
  4. Ok .. Thank You for reply! (You could make F-16 canopy bigger then it is for us customers but you cannot make CFM a little bit Fan1a,1b louder??)
  5. The sounds of Airbus X are really great ...Especially Start up! But...There is something missing on takeoff. Watch this video at 0:26 for example...that specific CFM noise I went to SOUND folder to check the sounds...but you have them "Aerosoft Airbus X Base" " Sound_CFM" Sounds - Fan AX, Fan BX, Fan1A, Fan1b, Fan2A, Fan2B <-- These are the sounds heard on the video. And no metter how much i crank up the sound volume of engines in FSX ...i cannot hear those at takeoff...even at max TOGA! ...Just some bass sound that really doesnt sound as Airbus. Also sounds; reverserA reverserB You engage full reverse thrust...but only sound you can hear are your teeth squeezing Please explain if there is some sound setup that i am missing...or it is just one more bug to put into SP I have newest DirectX installed on my Windows 7 64bit ..sound driver works perfectly Thank You
  6. Learning curve 2 hours. (Prev knowledge of Airbus planes) Very nice plane...Aerosoft Great job! Video not edited; Addons; REX,UTX, ENB Series plugin,EZCA, D.Puljević Croatian airports.
  7. Try to load firstly default Cessna aircraft ...and then dont go to main FSX menu ...just load Airbus. After that save Airbus status You prefer. Everything should work fine then.
  8. I made two screens today on my FSX... It is not default screens as on Microsoft preview ...but here is FTX scenery and REX water / sky Addons.. And still doesn't looks like preview screens... A this is FPS game...not simulator...but realy would like if new sim Aerosoft or MS would look like this!!
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