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  1. Hi guys, with the new experimental version follows the same problem, some solution?, Send video ND.MOV
  2. Hi Guys, The SID KAMI3A 13L or 13R it seems to have an error when using it in this plane, I upload two images with the airac of navdata and another one with navigraph, navdata is perfect it draws the curve the navigraph behaves strangely, Answer from navigraph : We have tested the procedure and the aircraft flies smoothly around the turn without a problem. We have checked the AIRAC data with our charts and the AIP Columbia and it is correct. The fact that the ND doesn't show the curve is likely an aircraft display issue. Another aircraft addon which uses the same data displays a curve.
  3. hello Mathijs, the problem in the descent also seems to be solved I have 2 successful flights thank you very much
  4. Hello guys, 2 flights with the new experimental and successful version and the descent very well, thanks aerosoft gentlemen any news I will be reporting
  5. Hello everyone, can anyone comment on the error? How is the investigation going?
  6. This flight plan skcl ulq8B W1 tolim tolim2E SKBO13L describes the problem on the descent, between the waypoints are nor05 and amves Thanks Descent.MOV
  7. hello everyone upload problem video when descending 83F6FB5E-56F9-4A58-A5F3-A28805E0612B.MOV
  8. Hello everyone, when the speed is reduced is what appears on the page go around? , of mcdu, configure that page before takeoff?, do not do the altitude push before takeoff? , I do not configure the go around page, before takeoff, I take off with the altitude driven and I have not had that problem of speed change, I have problems it is the descent that falls like stone
  9. Hello Dave, check the navdata airac that comes by default with the airbus and the error came back in the log, look for the points and there are also as in navigraph, I invite you to look at that error well, maybe that affects the calculations and Maybe the problems originate, especially when descending Thank you
  10. Hello Dave, I send you airac image installed, 1901 navigraph cycle, the points exist in the files, the points belong to an RNAV arrival, I hope you can help me Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, I would like to know what the following error means, it came out in the FMGS.log Error in putPt(): NOR05(25), CAS=-13.696429. Error in putPt(): PULDI(26), CAS=-237.987444. NOR05 and PULDI are waypoints Thank you
  12. uninstall and install and run asupdate without experimental updates and you're back to 1.2.21 I hope I help you
  13. thank you, I know you are very serious and professional people, greetings
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