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  1. (Sorry for my english, i'm not english native) - Think about acquiring a DirectX11 engine, for example for 3D graphics because tesselation is a very good functionnality to have detailed models without having to make them with too much polygons => good frame rates. - Having several 2 models at least for each aircraft. one for the player and a simplified one for AI. in fact, several model with different level of complexity, like mipmap for bitmap. - aircraft carrier must have a good physic, move on the wave etc.. to have more difficult approch and landing on it. - Generate thermals and rift winds for glider. - don't include too much functionnality, we just need a good base, but make it as open as possible. addons developpers must be able to change everything (or near) in the simulator (except the proprietary parts of course like 3D and physics engine). Nirgal
  2. it could be useful to have input commands assigned by aircraft or by aircraft family (prop 4 engine, prop 2 engine, jet 4 engine etc.., floatplane, amphibian, tyres, bush). and when you select an aircraft, you can choose a set of command among the existing configurations (with filter for engine type et engine number, constructor, floatplane etc..). A kind of template library of input commands set. for example, the same button on a goflight module can be use for gear on a tired aircraft and for floats on an amphibian one. or axes on the quadrant for a 1 engine prop are not use like on a 4 engines jet. (for example with 4 axes, "throttle, pitch, mixture and cowl flap" on the prop, and throttle Engine 1,2,3,4 for the jet) (on fsx, i have several standard.xml according to the aircraft i use)
  3. - As beautiful as FSX but with better performance. - A better flight dynamic - Better power management - Better influence of weather on the aircraft (icing etc...) - A good ATC , multi language - "Life traffic" (on airport, on the road etc..like in fsx), it increase the immersion feeling - Cross platform (windows, mac, linux/bsd).(i have planned to use linux only). so support of directX or OpenGL - Better weather environnement (especially better sailplane support everywhere in the world) - Open for developpers (well documented SDK) - Support of all type of hardware like FS (goflight especially) - Ability to send gauge (and GPS) to PocketPc/smartphone screen and react to their keyboard (or screen touch) - ability to define input controls by aircraft or by "aircraft family" (by number and type of engine) - Send views to another PC running a "thin client" and react to their keyboard (so we can use multiple keyboard for command mapping) - A good ! Multiplayer support (massive multiplayer why not) with possibility to be copilot/passenger of an aircraft - A traffic controller mode (a good one, so better than in FSX) - An instructor mode (like in old FS, but in better) - A good and detailed documentation - nice printable check-list - a good flight planner - support of hat tracking system
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