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  1. I only watched Eric McClintock's (FSBreak) extensive tryout video and I had seen enough. Some of the Maule's features looked interesting and the interactive checklist was a nice touch, but that's about it. Never downloaded it and never will, because I don't even want to give Microsoft the illusion of thinking that I would be interested in a game like that. It's simply nothing to bother with for someone who prefers the A2A/PMDG kind of simulation depth. Aircraft without cockpits? No worldwide scenery? No weather simulation? In combination with that locked out 3rd party market it's a friggin' jo
  2. Any news? I'd really like to use this plane in multiplayer and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the offer, but I'm afraid I'm currently exceeding the maximum passenger weight by a good margin. But I'm working on it.
  4. I didn't know that. Guess I have to pop over some time and have a look.
  5. Thank you! Much appreciated!
  6. That's great to hear. Thank you for looking into this! The Dimona X is a great aircraft that I take for a nice relaxing spin quite often. I'm not a big fan of gliders and glider-like aircraft (I'm a petrol/piston-head), but the Dimona definitely managed to grab my interest and still has it, thanks to the excellent modelling and engine simulation and a fix for the stutter would make it even better.
  7. I don't think that those are two different problems. They were just labeled differently by different users. In my book "microstutters/framerate fluctations" are "performance problems" and "performance problems" can be "microstutters/framerate fluctuations. The difference lies only in semantics. Everyone here is probably not talking about the normal (next to unnoticable) performance reduction when using a GPS, but about the very noticable performance problem/stuttering that really only happens with the Dimona's moving map (and the Bronco's). Well, it was mentioned several times
  8. Thanks! I totally forgot about the download section of the forum.
  9. Sorry for bumping this thread, but since it's still unresolved I see no harm in that: I have the same problem now: I just purchased the Do-27, the rear and side windows are opague, the links for the fixes are dead and I can't seem to find any alternative sources for them. Also, I was disappointed to read that Marcel seems to have completely abandoned any support for the Do-27.
  10. I can confirm the strong performance dip as well when the moving map is active. For proper flying without stutters I have to switch off the moving map and just follow the HSI. The same is true for the Bronco X GPS, by the way. I don't get these map performance problems with any aircraft that use the unmodified FSX GPS map.
  11. Great! Looking forward to zoom around in the Bronco in MP.
  12. Bumping this thread, because the problem is still there and none of the suggested solutions fixed it.
  13. I also appreciate your attempts to fix the multiplayer issue. I was really looking forward to using it online and seeing that it might still happen is good to hear.
  14. The question is: is that request based on fact and experience or just on opinion? I'm asking, because it reminds me a bit of people requesting quieter cockpit sounds and louder engine sounds for the 737NGX, even though the sound mix was approved as sounding like the real thing by actual 737 pilots. Just asking to make sure.
  15. Thanks for the upgrade! It's great to have this beauty without a cumbersome external tank, and those little gun fins look really cool. I'm sure the wear and tear modelling will be great in the long run was well. Again, thanks! Now the shots:
  16. Yes, there still are 5 days left till the end of January. That's almost a quarter of a month.
  17. Tweaking the trim effectiveness isn't a matter of messing with the aircraft's realism properties or flight model, but rather a method of adapting all that realism to one's own hardware. It only controls how fast the trim moves on any given control input. On some hardware this can be way too fast so that you can only do very rough trimming attempts that will never lead to a stable flight attitude and will render the trim more or less useless, while you can have very fine and proper trimming with hardware that has its own mappable trim wheel, for example. There can be quite extreme differences
  18. Try adjusting your Elevator Trim Effectiveness to make it less sensitive and allow for finer trimming. Just go to the OV-10B folder (FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes) and open the aircraft.cfg. Look for the line "elevator_trim_effectiveness" in the [flight_tuning] section and change it from 1.0 to something like 0.7 or even 0.5. That should increase your ability to find a stable trim. You can also do that for the rudder and the aileron trimming, if necessary.
  19. Okay, I tried it with a friend of mine and we also couldn't get it to work with Gamespy. I could see his Bronco (he was the host), but his movement was all erratic, wobbly and laggy, and he couldn't see me move at all. I was just frozen on my starting position for him. This sadly is a dud in multiplayer so far and some kind of fix would be greatly appreciated, if the cause should ever be identified.
  20. I love how elegant this bird looks without an external tank. This will be good.
  21. Not me, but someone might. I recently checked and the FSX logbook says I flew a bit over 1200 hours over the period of two years with all my aircraft.
  22. Strange. It can be a bit twitchy right after take-off, especially when you are used to flying the 737NGX just before switching to the Bronco, but once the speed picks up it's stable and easily controlable. I'm not using FSUIPC, though, just normal untweaked FSX controls.
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