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  1. hi, no matter what I do, I can't get a company NOTAM to show up for the airport. I used to have a nice database of company NOTAMS for all sorts of little issues, but none of these work now. Even a 'test' notam won't show up. Any ideas.
  2. I just came to the forum to post exactly the same problem. In addition, I also find that the autorouter does not respect the custom restricted airspace (here I am attempting to restrict one of the famous FSDreamTeam couatl CTD zones).
  3. Ah, I see it - up in the top right of the window under the compute button. Thanks. Bryn.
  4. Before PFPX 2.0, I used to be able to click the arrow on the right of "Compute" to compute all the routes for a flight. That was handy to get a quick overview of the most efficient route. Now if I click that down arrow, nothing happens. Has this feature been removed? Bryn.
  5. I've been trying to find a route from LIRF to KCLT, but I get an out of error message before it finds a route. Ticking "Ignore Route Restrictions" solves that, but then isn't that one of the reasons for using the advanced route finder in the first place?
  6. I also have no weather at the moment. Any estimated time to fix?
  7. Hmmm, I think I misused the AES Lite term, because it has already been used for a developer product. So people (like KLM737) read my post, but all they see is 'AES lite', and not what I'm actually writing. What I am actually proposing is a simple AES that can be rolled out automatically at any airport, like GSX. The apron and taxiway paths are in the AFD files, and I assume this is what GSX uses for pushback paths. Why not do the same with AES? Jetways need to be custom added, so Oliver could just leave them out. Bryn.
  8. I use FS9, but recently tried GSX on FSX. What I liked about it was that it could be used at any airport, and that the pushback tracked the AFD file. I reckon it would be great to see an AES lite, that runs at all airports like GSX does, but doesn't have the customisation that goes into all of the AES airports at the moment. I'd be happy for it not to have moving jetways, for instance. What I really value is the pushback and ground ops, and if these could just read directly from the FS9 afd bgl, that would be awesome. You could add it and charge 20 credits or whatever, for it to work at any airport where AES is not installed. Cheers, Bryn
  9. The inevitable problem with online flying is the lack of other aircraft and the lack of ATC in most of the world. Therefore, how about creating a centralised AI/ATC server system where a controller can 'step-in' over a default ATC (which wouldn't have to that much more complicated than the FS9 ATC system). Some standard key commands for AI planes as well as a voice recognition tool would make this possible. This would do two things - make online flying more attractive for pilots and make online controlling more attractive for controllers - especially in those areas that don't usually attract ATCers because of the lack of online pilots. Bryn.
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