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  1. Of course.... i think this isn't an aerosoft fault.... I noticed these lights overall on different airports... Here is a screen
  2. Hey guys I have a question in terms of the EDDB airport. There are overall white lights just hanging aroudn in the air without any footing. Of course they give us nice light but the way they're looking is very "unrealistic" ; ) Will there be a further improvement? kind regards
  3. Anyway... thx a lot for this workaround. I‘m happy with it.
  4. That Works ! You‘re a hero ... but what does the combination ctrl+Shift+f4 change ?
  5. Im Running the latest Version p3d v4 (hf3). A Video of this worksround would be nice :-) thx
  6. Hey Guys, may anyone can help me.... When I'm starting the first engine of my Airbus A320 Professional, the startup sound works well without any problem. But Everytime when engine nr 2 is spooling up the engine jumps back from around 6,3 % to 6 % and the startup sound of the engine interrupts... Does someone has an idea if there is any solution for this issue? kind regards
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