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  1. since this is a simulator, you can simply switch to another plane ,eg pmdg b737 or majestic dash 8, the radar will show alerts and red highlights and you can evaluate the best way around
  2. that is, it’s normal that the radar shows almost nothing? any other radar would give a warning and paint everything in red... well, at least turbulence is well modeled
  3. yes, I found this, real pilots just use the outside temperature I have a PFPX but I can’t find this information, maybe you have a manual or screenshot? yes, I use this function but that’s not what I asked. I meant how to enter the wind for the APP phase (there we enter the value only by hands) if it is variable, it is probably best to leave this item empty?
  4. Unfortunately, a clean install update did not fix this ... I tried to find similar cases on the network but did not find them, something broke the autopilot logic;(
  5. I took screenshots, and noticed a difference in flight logic: FSlabs FINAL APP V/DEV magenta, height 2300 not manage, RNV APP, correct logic! Aerosoft FINAL APP V/DEV not magenta, height 2300 manage, not RNV APP, not correct logic! FSlabs FINAL APP go TOGA, correct logic! Aerosoft FINAL APP go TOGA, not correct logic! what are you doing?! is it broken...
  6. I had a problem after the faf point in final app mode(in other modes too), when approaching the height of the decision, I move the rudders to TOGA(AP ON, AT ON), but the aircraft continues to decline+accelerate and the phase of the go around plan is not activated and I can’t manually select direct to these points to go around plan... If you repeat these actions on fslabs, then when you activate the toga, the aircraft starts to climb and accelerate I do a re-selection of nav(trk/hgd)and the aircraft follows a go around plan... something broke ?
  7. I have a few questions on the MCDU, if anyone can answer my questions it will be useful 1)Where to get this value is the tground temperature for take off( GND TEMP)? Or is it not implemented, does not affect anything? 2)Where to get this value is the tropo( tropopause)? 3)How to enter the wind value correctly, if it is variable?
  8. Is it possible to save the settings (for example: Grid MORA, Terrain) of the world map upon exit?
  9. which of the three profile options to use for majestic dash 8 q400: Bombardier DHC-8-402Q PW150A, Bombardier DHC-8-402QPF Combi PW150A,Bombardier DHC-8-402QPF PW150A?
  10. this is suitable for FS labs a320x cfm,this version of the standard small sharklets,this is not considered sharklets? use only version non-sharklets? and who can share the Twin Otter x profile?
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