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  1. I added these changes (except for angle PAPI, it is installed by default 3, out of AFCAD): You will find it in the paid scenary folder: mod third party scenary for compatibility with update from aero.sors.fr + some other corrects for more realism! For user ONLY use nav update from aero.sors.fr (without nav pack, problems are possible)... File: 4ILS for 7L-25R_EDDF_AFX-OP07.BGL copy to you Frankfurt scenary and 7L-25R_EDDF_AFX-OP07.BGL disable. copy 1APX50140.bgl where default APX50140.bgl is located, then default APX75310.bgl disable. P/S Regarding nav update from
  2. perhaps the easiest is switching AFCAD(eg configurator application), more difficult implements a function using SODE. in the case of EDDF , probably this is so, just add them to AFCAD(to existing ILS) and on the map you will have 4 rays for rwy 07L/25R. but PAPI will still have to switch manually or wait until the developer adds this to the configurator or implements a function using SODE...
  3. The fact is that this changes on request(as I said above) as well as the category ILS, eg 7L ILS Z or CAT 2\3 LOC IFEL PAPI and GS 3, and 7L ILS Y LOC IFNE PAPI and GS 3.2. you can do it yourself by creating a copy of AFCAD with other parameters for these runways, but still, if the developer adds the ability to switch this to the configurator, it will be even better.
  4. we already understood it, it remains to understand if the lights are now? but based on the information that I have provided above now it’s obvious that there is a lot of light;)
  5. yes, it's probably outdated information, currently has a runway lighting system: High intensity runway lights (HIRL) and take-off is permitted with RL(runway lights) work or day only. as for peron, if you look at real photos from google, night lighting is also available: HTKJ google reviews
  6. they don’t think, they already answer earlier: the product is very old and they can do nothing with it))) share please:)
  7. after that we will have the right lighting?
  8. no need to apologize, yes, you need to wait for clarification from the author of the topic, but I'm sure that he had in mind the starting positions for runway 07L or 25R.
  9. it is obvious if you look at the charts, but it was about taking takeoff and not landing, so the mention of runway 18 was not the topic,it is confusing...
  10. thanks, Cap))) It is obvious but comrade data63 claims that only 18 runway is used:
  11. I think it was about starting position, the 07L\25R runway is not designed for takeoff(AIRAC 2004 no SID when i choose runway 07L or 25R):
  12. The problem is solved at the moment!👍 Thanks Secondator!🙏 But nevertheless, I hope in the future Aerosoft will return the ability to turn on TOGA SRS as it was before(just like at the Fslabs at the moment)...
  13. it turns out that TOGA SRS works only from the slider throttle, on the keyboard it is performed by the hold press F3...
  14. You are my savior! It worked! Yes, that’s true, but the whole problem was that TOGA SRS with F4 worked before (until some big update, I definitely can’t say), so it confused me and I was looking for a problem in another ...
  15. Hmmm... Maybe you should try to configure the toga key through FSUIPC? Do you know how to do this?
  16. In my case it doesn’t work, i do not use the axis, I use f4 button;(
  17. I activate toga by pressing F4. could you show it in the screenshot?
  18. Yes;( I use only the keyboard, no throttle quadrant, besides, the main toga is activated for me without any problems.
  19. I mean a little different, namely what Secondator is talking about, is there a similar function in ActiveSky?
  20. the problem persists even on the latest version airbus... how to find the cause of the broken, any ideas?
  21. Is this feature currently unavailable?
  22. can anyone take a screenshot of where it is? maybe it can be seen in the weather engine ActiveSky?
  23. as I noticed, in the latest version this problem is solved
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