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  1. On 5/7/2021 at 1:26 AM, Tom A320 said:

    Once Aerosoft receives a new version, it will be provided through the shop account.

    version 1.06 was released quite a long time ago ...
    there are two or one of two problems:

    1) they just forgot to send you a new version...

    2) or they just forgot to update the number of the version in the installer...

    In any case, the version 1.05(or is it possible 1.06) does not work correctly in P5, we get several stock builds and objects.

  2. 9 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:

    No, not at all.  I'm very sorry that I've not been able to explain in a manner that helps you to understand

    here you only need an example from a sim( I showed it above and I will be very glad to know that I was wrong) on paper and in real life it would work, but the effect of temperature on altitude is not implemented in sim.

  3. On 1/12/2021 at 2:07 AM, DaveCT2003 said:

    But that procedure will work.

    this is not implemented in sim Q.E.D:




    UERR 151800Z 25002MPS 4000 BR NSC M41/M45 Q1018 R25/390234 NOSIG RMK QFE732/0976

    Latest Jepp:





    FAF alt 2470 ft (D5.1 DEM):




    If this were implemented in the sim, then we would be about 320 ft lower(if the effect of temperature were to be implemented, the correct altitude with corrections should be approx.  2790 ft).


  4. 13 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:

    the barometric pressure provided in METAR/ATIS is uncompensated.

    I think we are talking about different things ...
    pressure is not compensated, we just make a altitude correction by adding extra, moreover, in the case of the airbus, we shouldn't to altitude correctionin any of the cases when we use VNAV minimums and you no fall outside of the temperature restrictions:



    (in this case - 16 or +54).?

    13 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:

    If my presumption is correct, then would indeed be in the sim, though you would certainly need a weather engine.

    This was also discussed here, in none of the simulators this is implemented:


    (even if it is - 60 or +60 in the sim, the altitude will not depend on the temperature)

  5. On 1/6/2021 at 1:32 PM, radeon29 said:

    And it happened again...

    I noticed that it happened after uninstalling the MSFS.

    Probably after that, the ASUpdater tool cannot read the others sim install paths...

    I think I got ahead of the developers and found the cause of the problem, now I hope the developer will not be silent and fix it:


    1)after uninstalling MSFS this problem appear...

    2)after installation MSFS this problem disappears...

    i.e. the problem occurs when  trying to read MSFS (XBOX ver) paths  after MSFS uninstall ...


    p/s I also have H4 and P5 installed.

  6. all this is very interesting, but as far as I know, we will not be able to test this in sim because it is not implemented😔


    but nevertheless it's interesting:


    1. Following Commission Regulation (EU) 965/2012, EASA states in documents AMC2 CAT.OP.MPA.126 and AMC2 NCC/NCO/SPO.OP.116, section (d) item (1):
      1. For RNP APCH operations to LNAV/VNAV minima using Baro VNAV:
        1. the flight crew should not commence the approach when the aerodrome temperature is outside the promulgated aerodrome temperature limits for the procedure unless the area navigation system is equipped with approved temperature compensation for the final approach;
        2. when the temperature is within promulgated limits, the flight crew should not make compensation to the altitude at the FAF and DA/H; and
        3. since only the final approach segment is protected by the promulgated aerodrome temperature limits, the flight crew should consider the effect of temperature on terrain and obstacle clearance in other phases of flight.
      2. For RNP APCH operations to LNAV minima, the flight crew should consider the effect of temperature on terrain and obstacle clearance in all phases of flight, in particular on any step-down fix.
    2. In addition, ICAO states in Document 8168 "PANS-OPS" Volume III Aircraft Operating Procedures, chapter 4:


      4.3.1 Requirement for temperature correction
      The calculated minimum safe altitudes/heights must be adjusted when the ambient temperature on the surface is much lower than that predicted by the standard atmosphere. In such conditions, an approximate correction is 4 per cent height increase for every 10°C below standard temperature as measured at the altimeter setting source. This is safe for all altimeter setting source altitudes for temperatures above –15°C.

  7. as we all know , we need to apply cold temperature correction to our airbus and

    there are many different discussions on this topic🤔:

    -someone is sure that it is necessary to correct only DA/MDA

    -someone suggests correcting from FAF

    -someone suggests all points below MSA

    -someone claims that there is no need for an adjustment if the temperature is not lower than the minimum permissible specified in the charts


    we have real pilots here, how is it right?)))




  8. I made (of course unofficial)for yourself  fix for correct work in P5 as well as several other fixes mainly for LPPS:


    -full new flatten + correct airport elevation for LPPS

    -added missing PAPI  for LPPS rwy 18\36

    -correct runway lighting system for LPPS

    -fixed dynamic lighting for LPPS

    -exclude stock objects for LPPS

    -removed extra nav aids for LPPS and LPMA

    -added the ability to connect via add-on.xml


    P.S If you need this FIX , do not hesitate to PM and I will send you .

    And of course,to start you need to have your own licensed copy this scene.


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