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  1. A lot better than Monday but still some issues (as expected). The APU didn't sync requiring both pilots to turn it on from their end. The IRS align didn't sync requiring both pilots to align them via the MCDU INIT page. The PF was able to tune my radios (and vice versa) however the on/off state of the radio panel didn't sync, so even though vPilot recognised the radios as being tuned the radios weren't actually on and required both of us to turn them on. The fuel and payload didn't sync (we didn't realise this until a few minutes after takeoff , RIP). The GND CTRL recorder button didn't sync (not really a problem). Roughly 25 minutes into the flight the PF lost all power to the aircraft and was unable to resolve the issue. Fuel was fine (even though that didn't sync, he still had 2000 KG remaining), nothing changed, but the aircraft completely shut down as if the cold & dark panel state was loaded (reconnecting to the session didn't fix). Hopefully these issues can be addressed in the near future. Update: The PF managed to stay connected to the session to enjoy the ride (while still having no power) and upon touchdown the power came back on! Very strange.
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